Denied Admission By Several Schools, Girl With Cerebral Palsy Scores 90.4% In Board Exams

Published : 9 May 2019 9:06 AM GMT
Denied Admission By Several Schools, Girl With Cerebral Palsy Scores 90.4% In Board ExamsImage Credit: Indian Express

“Where there’s a will there’s a way”, this dictum symbolizes the perseverance of a 17 year- old, girl, Mamta Nayak, who after being refused admission by several schools, citing impairment, scored 90.4% in her CBSE Class X board exams. A student of Rajhans Vidyalaya in Andheri West ( Mumbai), she became an overnight star and an inspiration for others soon after the results were announced.

Mamta Nayak has cerebral palsy. People with cerebral palsy faces problems like uncontrolled body movement, and are unable to walk independently or write or speak clearly.

Balance between education and treatment

Mamta said that she had to keep a balance with her studies and her physiotherapy sessions in order to manage symptoms. She scored a whopping 452 out of 500. She was exempted from the Math paper and gave her other exams orally.

School principal Deepshika Shrivastav said in an interview that despite being a special child, she is an inspiration for everyone at the school, including her teachers and staff. She further described Mamta to be a ‘loving, hard-working child who smiles a lot’.

Mamta’s mother, Rupali, attended school every day with her. She taught Mamta all the subjects with great care and interest so that, she need not take any external coaching

Rupali said, “she is extremely thankful to her school and friends, for playing a big role in Mamta’s achievement. The school gave us concessions in timing and allowed me to be inside the class room. I used to clear, my doubts with the subject teachers. Mamta has physical limitations, but she has a sharp memory and loves to study.” Mamta was unable to choose music or art. Instead, Mamta took up social science, a subject in which she scored 92 marks out of 100. “Maybe she will take up psychology in her further studies,” Rupali added. Rupali believes that educational institutions need to be inclusive for all, even if its special child, who suffer from physical or cognitive disorders. Irrespective of factors like these, they deserve a chance to prove their mettle.

The Logical Indian take

The Logical Indian applauds Mamta on achieving such a brilliant feat. She, despite facing challenges, showed great perseverance and became an inspiration for all of us. Mamta’s mother Rupali and her supportive teachers also deserve special mention. The recently announced exam results have brought forward multiple stories of grit, determination and courage. We congratulate all the students and hope that they keep up their spirits.

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