Fasting And Feasting: This Ramadan #LetsWalkTogether For Inclusivity

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May 31st, 2019 / 5:15 PM

LetsWalkTogether Ramadan

India is a land where people come from different cultural milieu. There are a number of beautiful festivals celebrated in this country. In essence, however, any festival can best be celebrated when people cut across religious barriers and come together with open hearts. It is in a conglomeration of diverse faith coexisting with each other that India takes pride in its heritage.

To celebrate the same jolly good spirit of togetherness, this ‘Eid’ Bata through its beautiful video #LetsWalkTogether encourages people to open hearts and embrace each other irrespective of religion, caste or creed.

India, a country of unbridled joy is currently doused in the spirit of Ramadan. The month-long holy festival celebrates happiness in its purest form. It is a chance to substantiate the soul of amicability among people and strengthen the bond of brotherhood and togetherness.

Talking of Ramadan celebrations, it means fasting every day after the customary morning meal of ‘Suhur’. A long day of being meditative and spiritual, what’s next but a big feast of signature ‘Iftaar’ dishes from Haleem and biriyani to sheer and sewai. Groups of friends are often seen in famous alleys of India be it purani dilli streets in Delhi, Chaar Minar in Hyderabad, Ameenabad in Lucknow or anywhere else in the country, the aroma of Nihari diffused in the air and the sound of frying bhajjis still make us all drool because roza kisi ka bhi ho, haleem to sabki hai. 

Besides, how can we forget our sweet-toothed friends? The stunning pink of the quintessential homemade watermelon sherbet and the glint of the golden balushahis, Ramadan, at any rate, is happiness. Everyone from the neighborhood (or how the good old people would say mohalla) joins in with big smiles for the iftaar irrespective of their religious background or faith.

Bata with its 85 years of presence in India has seen through culture and therefore has an understanding of the emotions as is evident from the heartwarming initiative #LetsWalkTogether. As a responsible brand, Bata has not shied away from addressing socially relevant campaigns in the past as well. The most recent example would be the #JaaUngliDikha initiative through which it encouraged people to go out and vote.

The Logical Indian appreciates the effort taken by Bata to remind people to soak in the exalting bliss of the festivities without confining all the fun in religious bias. For the love of one another, #LetsWalkTogether with open arms and big smiles.

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