This Kerala Police Station Has A Library For Offenders & Creates Stress-Free Ambiance For Complainants

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April 13th, 2018

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Courtesy: Azhimukham, The Hindu, Deccan  Chronicle I Image Credit: Deccan Chronicle

Once you enter Chakkarakkal police station in Kannur district, Kerala, you will hear soothing instrumental music. Inside the police station, you can see a well-arranged library, walls adorned with paintings. The police station also has an adjoining garden. Nothing makes the building look like a police station apart from a board that says so.

These people-friendly measures at Chakkarakkal police station were under the leadership of Sub Inspector P Biju.

The soothing atmosphere

The police station provides a delightful look for the visitors with its walls adorned with colourful paintings and the soothing music played inside. As one steps into the police station, officers give a warm welcome with a smile. The atmosphere encourages people to have a free conversation with the police officers.

People used to come here with a local political leader to file complaints. To change this distortion and fear, it became a major issue for us to change the whole atmosphere of the police station. That is how we have brought these creative changes. After these reforms, we could not see any political leaders accompanying the complainants,” said P Biju, SI, Chakkarakkal police station to Malayalam media outlet Azhimukham.

A projector is also installed to carry out anti-drug classes and exhibitions for offenders who are arrested in narcotics cases. The projector is also used to screen short videos on road accidents and rules when five or more visitors are present at the police station.


Efforts were also made by officers to make people involved in the habit of reading. The library inside the police station has nearly 1,000 books. It is meant especially for the locals and youngsters arrested in various cases. The officers lend them books for free and ask them to write a word of praise.

The police officers themselves pitched Rs 3,000 for buying books. When the news broke out in media, many people sponsored books and the police station now owns books worth Rs 10,000.

Mostly, children aged between 15 and 20 are caught in ganja cases. More than punishment, we made them aware of the damage it creates and gave them vegetable seeds to grow in their kitchen garden. The children were asked to send the progress of their growth to my WhatsApp number,” Biju told Deccan Chronicle.

Paddy cultivation

The police officers themselves came forward to cultivate paddy in a land adjacent to the police station. Biju says that farmers are the most innocent people.

Image source: Azhimukham

Sometimes, when you do not have to do anything, negative thoughts come to your mind. Even though technological developments are a big boon to us, youngsters often misuse them. Farming is the most effective way to lead them through positive thoughts,” Biju told Azhimukham.

Music flows from the premises of the police station and spreads a calming atmosphere in the region which was once a site of political clashes. Biju said that the amount of crime has reduced after they have implemented these people-friendly measures.

The Logical Indian community commends the efforts of Chakkarakkal police station. People should be able to come to police stations without fear and with the thought that their issues will be addressed. We hope that police stations across the country follow suit.

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