Chennai Group Rescues Hundreds Of Stranded Animals In Kerala, Risking Own Lives

Published : 21 Aug 2018 12:53 PM GMT
Chennai Group Rescues Hundreds Of Stranded Animals In Kerala, Risking Own Lives

With endless human lives at stake in flood-ravaged Kerala, India witnessed an unprecedented example of humanity, with help pouring in from every corner of the country. Meanwhile, thousands of animal lives in the state would have perished, had it not been for Shravan Krishnan, Dinesh Baba and their team from Chennai. Over the last five days, his team has rescued hundreds of domestic and wild animals, in coordination with a few other NGOs.

Animal rescue efforts all over India

Shravan Krishnan and Dinesh Baba operate the Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary and Cloud No 9 Kennel Care in Chennai, both of which actively participates in animal rescue and welfare operations across the country. The group is well-equipped to handle such disaster situations. In fact, some of their members are professionally trained by the Disaster Management Force.

“We have helped during Chennai floods, we have saved animals from Kaziranga Sanctuary during the Assam floods, but the situation in Kerala is worse than we have seen ever before. Villages after villages have just disappeared in a wink. They need to rebuild everything from zero. So you can imagine the plight of the animals there,” Shravan informs The Logical Indian.

Posted by Shravan Krishnan on Saturday, August 18, 2018

After the people in Kerala were forced to leave their homes for relief camps, many reached out to Shravan, pleading to rescue their pets. Immediately, four volunteers left for Idukki district where a lot of animals were dying due to widespread landslides. They successfully rescued pets and stray animals stranded in the neck-deep water. In Kottayam, Chengannur and Kochi too, Shravan’s team has been offering an island of hope to the helpless animals in submerged lands.

Posted by Shravan Krishnan on Saturday, August 18, 2018

An intense rescue mission of animals in Kerala

During their rescue operations, the team collaborated with other organisations like HSI (Humane Society International) from Kerala, ResQ from Pune and another NGO from Hyderabad, in rescuing dogs, cats, cows, goats and wild animals including snakes as well. Together they have opened the Kerala Animal Rescue Helpline number – +919167466569, an emergency portal to efficiently conduct animal rescue operations across the state. Upon receiving a call, the operator briefs the nearest rescue team about the location and other relevant details.

My respect to the whole team in Kerala. Great work boys. Whole of Chennai is proud of you guys ! Dinesh Baba Arjun Shan Nishanth Nichu Albert Peter Christopher

Posted by Shravan Krishnan on Monday, August 20, 2018

“Some people left their pets behind, while many others we found were stuck inside, holding their pets close. One lady from Kottayam had 18 dogs, and they were starving for over three days. The team rescued them from over 10 feet deep water,” Shravan shares his experience.

“We have reunited many pets with their owners. In most places, we feed the animals and provide them with clean drinking water. We do not have enough boats to rescue all of them, and even if we do, there is no place to keep them safe. The animals are so helpless; once we give them some care, they feel a sense of relief. For now, we are trying our best to continue protecting them as long as the water does not recede,” added Shravan.

“We have four volunteers working day and night in Kerala – Dinesh Baba, Nishant Ravi, Arjun Shan and Peter. Everyone ought to know their names. Our volunteers walk or swim for miles through the water. Putting their own life jackets on the dogs, they are moving them to safety,” narrates Shravan, “They have been sleeping on the pavement and inside the car. They have running around with no or minimum food for the last 3 days.” Around 100 animals have been saved by the joint efforts of the NGOs.

Posted by Shravan Krishnan on Monday, August 20, 2018

Even in such distress, some heartwarming incidents touched Shravan and his boys. “A lady had 25 dogs with her; she refused to be rescued when the relief boats denied to take her dogs. Finally, they were rescued by other helpers,” he said.

The Logical Indian Take

Shravan Krishnan’s team has restored our faith in humanity. The Logical Indian salutes their efforts and wishes more people come forward to join hands with his team.

If your pets are stranded somewhere in Kerala, contact the Kerala Animal Rescue Helpline number – +919167466569. Shravan and his boys will ensure they stay safe and happy.

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