UP: Amidst Communal Tension, A Brave Hindu Woman Saves Muslim Family From Angry Attackers

Published : 10 Jun 2019 1:36 PM GMT
UP: Amidst Communal Tension, A Brave Hindu Woman Saves Muslim Family From Angry AttackersImage Credit: Gujarat Samachar

On Sunday (June 9, 2019), a Muslim family travelling in a van was attacked with iron rods by a group of goons on motorcycles in Jattari, Uttar Pradesh, 40 kilometres away from Aligarh where Twinkle Sharma was murdered. The family was accompanied by a young girl, Puja who stopped the attackers from harming the family.

Hindu Women Saves A Muslim Family From A Violent Mob

The Muslim family from Ballabhgarh, Haryana was travelling to Jattari for an engagement, when they were attacked. Abbasi, one of the travellers, told the media that Puja Chouhan confronted the attackers with great courage. “They would have killed us had not Puja, who is like my daughter, stepped out of the van and came between us and the attackers,” Abbasi told the media in Aligarh.

The attackers had identified the travellers since some of the women were in veils, according to a complaint filed at the Civil Lines police station.

“Why are you venting your anger on innocent persons?”, Abbasi quoted Puja as saying. “She said that we are all equally shocked by the killing of the two-and-half-year-old girl.”

On hearing the woman’s request, one member from the mob seemed to have softened his stand. “He quietly gave us our car keys and whispered “run off immediately,” Abbasi added.

The police informed that the family somehow reached Aligarh, although the driver’s got severe injuries on his hand.

Repercussions Of Aligarh Murder Case

Such incidents come as an after effect to the killing of a young girl in Aligarh.

The people are furious over the merciless killing of a toddler in UP’s Aligarh as her family could not pay a loan of Rs 10,000.

Former Aligarh legislator Haji Zamirullah Khan and Congress Leader, who went with the family to the police station, told reporters: “I think Puja is a role model as a citizen of our country. At a time when humane behaviour is getting rare, she stood out courageously for humanity.”

Khan told the reporters that every sensible person, irrespective of any religion and caste, was appalled by the toddler’s killing.

“However any attempt to polarise society by exploiting this incident would be counterproductive,” he added.

Senior Superintendent of Police Akash Kulhari told the media that the incident was an isolated one. “We are not going to permit any person to take law in his hand. A case has been registered in this matter,” the officer added.

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