First Step Towards Gender Equality, Teach Your Kids To #ShareTheLoad Irrespective Of Gender

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June 3rd, 2019 / 3:00 PM

Gender Equality Teach Kids

It has been an assumed reality for ages that the women of the house should bear the burden of all the household responsibilities. The phenomenon of ‘gender performativity duties’ for women has remained quite relentless. For years now, it has been given that “ek acchi biwi, ek acchi maa” can do all the work herself.

Today, as we realize the need to strike a conversation about this prevalent social arrangement, Ariel once again brings us back to address the discourse of prevailing inequality that exists in our domestic spaces through its recent initiative encouraging mothers to teach their sons to #ShareTheLoad.  

Fast forward to January 2019, after its first successful drive in the year 2015, Ariel came back with its third edition of #ShareTheLoad, this time to inculcate the habit of #ShareTheLoad in the sons of today so they become equal partners tomorrow. Ariel has been driving this conversation for the last 3 months in multiple ways covering multiple touchpoints. On 17th May, Friday, Ariel set out to achieve a Guinness World Record of giving the world’s largest laundry lesson to over 400 sons. This record was successfully achieved by the brand thereby accomplishing this outstanding feat.

Gender Equality Teach Kids

On the forefront of this event was celebrity Anil Kapoor who encouraged these sons to follow his steps throughout the lesson and celebrity emcee Mandira Bedi who brought out a mom’s perspective on the importance of equipping sons with skills that will help make them equal partners in future.

Gender Equality Teach Kids

The Logical Indian appreciates the initiative taken by Ariel in a bid to make household chores an equal responsibility for both boys and girls because gender equality is not brought about by laundry fairies, it is brought about when men of the house learn to #ShareTheLoad.

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