Chhattisgarh: Girl From Maoist-Hit Dronapal Creates History By Securing Medical Seat

Published : 26 Aug 2018 12:11 PM GMT
Chhattisgarh: Girl From Maoist-Hit Dronapal Creates History By Securing Medical Seat

There are many people who accomplish the dreams they’ve dreamt as children, but their journey is what makes them extraordinary. Maya Kashyap, with her continued efforts, has not only made her dreams come true but even created history by becoming the first ever tribal girl to get a medical seat from the Maoist-hit area of Dornapal, in Chhattisgarh, reported Times Now. However, securing a medical seat for Maya has not been easy, in fact, her journey can rightfully be termed as one of true grit and determination.

Securing a medical seat

“It was my childhood dream to become a doctor,”Maya Kashyap told Times Of India. Reportedly, Maya managed to crack NEET under the Scheduled Caste Category in her state with a rank of 154, while her overall rank was 12,315. She has secured a seat for herself in Ambikapur Medical Colleges. However, life wasn’t this easy for Maya to begin with.

Reportedly, she belongs to a small region of the state which is infamous for Maoist activities which have left the whole area threatened to the point where teachers even fear from coming to schools. According to the daily, only 3000 children who live in hostels are enrolled in primary schools in Dronapal. Moreover, the school that Maya went to, barely had any teachers.

While only a handful makes it through high school, college is a distant dream for most who reside in the area. To make situations worse for Maya, her family was driven to conditions of abject poverty after her father had died nine years ago. Even after his death, and the resultant financial crisis, Maya did not give up on her dream.

Overcoming financial hardships

According to Times Now, it was not easy for her mother too as she had to look after four children, including Maya. In this regard, she said, “They (her siblings) too, were studying in school at that time. I used to get Rs. 500 as pocket money for a month. Due to lack of funds, I faced a lot of issues while preparing for NEET, but since I was goal-oriented, I managed to overcome the hurdle and concentrated only on studies.”

As the whole family was living in a financial crisis, after her father’s demise, the family was worried about the fees that they would have to pay to the college. Reportedly, her brother, Anup lent money from his friends, while her sister-in-law collected some amount from other relatives.

Faced with economic hardships, Maya didn’t even take any coaching for cracking the NEET exams. What she has attained is nothing but sheer hard work and determination to pursue her dreams, which she refused to give up on. Maya understands the conditions in the region that she belongs to and after medical school, she wants to return to the area and serve her people.

The Logical Indian community commends her determination and wishes her luck for future endeavours.

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