Nothing Can Match The Taste And Comfort Of Home-Cooked Food

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May 12th, 2018

As we grow up, we have different career paths to follow. Some of us move out of our homes for higher studies, while a few of us shift to a new city for jobs. After a hectic day in class or at work, what is the one thing we feel like coming back to?

A home which has warm food waiting for us.

But due to our busy schedules and the fact that we have moved out of our homes, we come back to a flat with cold food that the cook made before we left for work in the morning.

Most of us don’t realise the value of ‘maa ke haath ka khaana’ until we shift out of the home. We used to crib about the same kind of food every day and wanted to go out to eat.

Home cooked food has a special place in all of our hearts. Not only does it satiate our hunger, it also brings warmth and unexplainable sense of comfort. Who better to understand this than those living away from home?

We All Miss Maa Ke Hath Ka Khana

Home cooked food has a special place in all of our hearts. Not only does itsatiate our hunger, it also brings warmth and an unexplainable sense ofcomfort. Who better to understand this than those who live away fromhome?

Posted by The Logical Indian on Saturday, May 12, 2018

Catch Masala has rightly picked up the essence of home-cooked food – that flavour and aroma which cannot be found anywhere else.

Since we were kids, we have seen our moms get up early in the morning and pack our tiffins. When we would come back from school, warm food would be waiting for us. She did it all, without any complaints.

This Mother’s Day, we should all take a minute to appreciate all that our moms have done for us. Despite busy schedules, she managed to make mouth-watering food for us everyday, ensuring we didn’t go to sleep empty stomach.

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