Ankit Saxena’s Father To Organise Iftar To Send Message Of Harmony

Published : 29 May 2018 1:15 PM GMT
Ankit Saxena’s Father To Organise Iftar To Send Message Of HarmonyImage Credit: ABP Live

Father of 23-year-year Ankit Saxena who was stabbed to death by the family members of his Muslim girlfriend in February this year is organising an Iftar this Ramzan to send a message of love and harmony. The Iftar will be organised in the locality where Ankit lived, Raghuvir Nagar, West Delhi on June 3.

Ankit’s father Yashpal Saxena has not allowed anyone to politicise his son’s death and rather wants Ankit to be an inspiration for those in interfaith relationships.

Yashpal has established a trust in Ankit’s name to help couples willing to marry outside their faith. Yashpal says that this event will be the first event under the yet-to-be registered trust. Yashpal told The Print, “Arrangements for the iftar are being made by members of the trust along with other family members and friends… Since we are inexperienced in these matters, we will reach out and seek help from like-minded people.”

He also added that, “The iftar will be held at the local park near our society. We keep going to the local police station to follow up on the progress of the investigation and hence our first invite went to the officers there.”

The iftar which is being organised along with some NGOs, is open to all. Yashpal says that anyone who shares the same belief is most welcome for the celebration.

Police of the area believes that the communal tension has subsided. Khyala (West) station house officer Sunil Kumar Bamnia said, “There were attempts to communalise the situation, but it never took hold here. And now that this party is being held for Muslims, the issue is pretty much over.”

Stabbed over inter-faith relationship

Ankit Saxena, a 23-year-old man, was murdered in west Delhi’s Raghuvir Nagar. He was attacked outside his house by the kins of the girl he had a relationship with.

Ankit was publicly beaten and later stabbed in the neck. When Ankit’s mother heard of her son being attacked, she immediately ran out of the house. She kept calling out to people for help, but the bystanders did not do anything, and he kept bleeding for 20 minutes. She said, ”There were dozens of people watching my son get beaten up, but none of them dared to save him. My son was a bodybuilder himself, but he was helpless when the killers caught and killed him. The sight of the woman’s father wielding a big kukri knife must have scared others”, Hindustan Times reported.

Not only this, but the people did not even call for an ambulance or a vehicle to get him to the hospital. “My husband and I kept begging people to arrange a vehicle to rush my son to a hospital, but no one helped. E-rickshaw and auto drivers would stop, take a look and leave”, she explained. Finally, when an e-rickshaw agreed to help, they carried him on it to the hospital. Before they could reach Guru Gobind Singh hospital, Ankit died. Kamlesh said,” Blood was spilling out of my son’s neck and mouth, and I tried to stop it with my hands. He died in my lap.”

According to Vijay Kumar, DCP (West), the Police did not have any idea about the murder until Ankit was brought to the hospital.

The Logical Indian take

Loss of a child is a loss comparable to none. Yashpal Saxena despite losing his young son has risen above hate. From the time Ankit was declared dead, the father maintained his stance of not politicising the issue. And now by organising an iftar in his son’s name, Yashpal has proved that love alone can defeat hate. The Logical Indian appreciates Yashpal for choosing love and harmony over hatred.

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