A Simple Advice Can Change Our Life Forever, Shows This Heartwarming Video

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February 13th, 2019 / 6:47 PM

Advice That Changed Life

The inseparable bond between siblings can never be summed up in a few words. A bond that is nurtured by parental love in childhood, traverses a plethora of emotions throughout life and withstands the test of time. In spite of all its nuances, this bond never fades, and lucky are those among us who are blessed with a sibling as an unfailing companion for life.

It often takes us a lifetime to understand how precious our siblings are, and no matter how much we do for them, it will never be enough to match up all that they do for us. An elder sibling is indeed the pole star of our lives, who leads the way to our dreams, by being our strength, motivation and inspiration always.

A wedding speech that stirred a brotherhood

This video depicts a similar story of two brothers, where the younger brother delivers a moving speech at his elder brother’s wedding.

Through every word, the younger brother expresses a different feeling towards his best friend, philosopher and guide – the elder brother, unveiling an altogether different avatar of him in front of everyone.

The younger brother has a speech impairment. While the rest of the world always floundered to understand him, sympathy never got the best of his elder brother. Unlike all others, he always guarded and guided his sibling from the sidelines, prompting him to be self-dependent. The younger one often held grudges against his brother for calling him names or not making him the centre of attention, only to realise later how his brother had sailed him silently through thick and thin, offering him #AdviceThatChangedLife.

“I will never be your support”

He shares a remark by his brother, which served as an eye-opener for him. “I will never be your support,” his brother had said, because of a very heartwarming reason. A quote, a piece of advice that changed his life. His brother could have spoiled him with expensive gifts, and unabated pamper, but he feels proud that the former made the right decisions.

Similar to this duo, millions of elder brothers and sisters around the world also share an inexplicable bond with their younger siblings, helping their personalities sprout beautifully.

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