Hindu Woman Slapped Muslim Man After Getting Inspired From The Kashmir Files? No, Viral Video Is From 2021

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Hindu Woman Slapped Muslim Man After Getting Inspired From "The Kashmir Files"? No, Viral Video Is From 2021

A video of a woman slapping a Muslim man and threatening to kill him is viral with the claim that Hindu woman are getting inspired from "The Kashmir Files". The Logical Indian Fact Check team verifies the viral claim.

Bollywood Film 'The Kashmir Files', directed by Vivek Agnihotri, was released on March 11 and is claimed to depict the plight of the Kashmiri Pandits and their forced exodus from the valley during the peak of insurgency in the early 1990s. The film has been in the news since its release because of anti-Muslim narrative.

Meanwhile, a video of a woman beating a Muslim man in a train is going viral on social media. In this 41 second long video, a woman can be seen slapping a man wearing cap and threatening to kill him. The woman in the video pulls the man's hair and asks him to touch her feet alleging that he intentionally pushed her. While sharing this video, it is claimed that the viral video is recent and the woman taught a lesson to the Muslim man after getting inspired from "The Kashmir Files".

A Twitter user shared this video with a Hindi caption that reads, "द कश्मीर फाइल के रुझान आने शुरू हो गए,अब कटुओं हिन्दू नारियों से पंगा नहीं लेना मां दुर्गा भवानी बन गई है सभी #TheKashmirFiles देखने के बाद जो भी हिन्दू नारियों को छेड़ेगा सरेआम जनता से मार खायेगा।"

[English Translation: The trends of The Kashmir Files have started coming in. Now don't mess with bitter Hindu women, Mother Durga has become Bhavani. After seeing #TheKashmirFiles whoever teases Hindu women will be publicly thrashed.]

A Facebook user wrote a caption in Hindi that reads, "लगता है आँटीजी ने #TheKashmirFiles ध्यान से देख ली."

[English Translation: Looks like Auntie ji has watched #TheKashmirFiles very attentively.]

It is being widely shared on Facebook with a similar claim. Click here, here, here and here to read.


Hindu woman thrashed a Muslim man after getting inspired from The Kashmir Files.

Fact Check:

The Logical Indian fact check team verified the viral claim and found it to be false. The viral video is from 2021.

During the initial investigation, we extracted different keyframes from the viral video using the InVid tool and conducted a Google reverse image search. It led us a tweet by Muslim Mirror dated 19 October 2021. In the tweet, footage similar to viral video can be seen. The caption of the tweet reads, "#MaaMadhura a woman said to be follower of hate preacher #Narsinghanand brutally assaulted and humiliated a bearded Muslim on train after he allegedly pushed her." Muslim Mirror also reported this article on their website. Click here to read.

Taking hint from it, we did an open keyword search and found the still of the viral video in report of The Wire dated 19 October 2021. The title of the report reads, "Hate Watch: Hindutva Leader, Linked to BJP and Narsinghanand, Assaults Muslim Man in Train." According to the report, Madhu Sharma, a Hindutva leader known as Maa Madhura, was seen assaulting a Muslim man on the train. Madhu Sharma was allegedly pushed by a Muslim youth while passing through the railway coach gallery, after which she forced the Muslim youth to touch her feet.

Image Credit: The Wire

The Print, Muslim Mirror and several other media outlets also reported the same.

We also searched the social media profile of Madhu Sharma. Though her Facebook account is lock, but her bio mentions that she is associated with Rudra Sena, Akhand Shri Sant Vahini, Sant Samaj News and Niranjani Akhara Karnavati.

It is evident from our investigation that the viral video is of October 2021, when a Hindutva leader Madhu Sharma thrashed a Muslim man in train mentioning he allegedly pushed her. This video has nothing to do with the film 'The Kashmir Files' which was released on March 11, 2022. Hence, the viral claim is misleading.

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