Shiva Linga Was Not Unveiled In Mecca Madina; Viral Claim Is False

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Shiva Linga Was Not Unveiled In Mecca Madina; Viral Claim Is False

Two pictures are doing rounds on social media in which people are claiming that for the first time in history, a Shiva Linga was unveiled in Mecca Medina and Hindus must share the photos.

Two photos are widely being shared on social media with the claim that for the first time in history, a Shiva Linga (an iconic representation of Lord Shiva) was revealed in Mecca-Madina. One of the two photos is a large black rock partially covered with a black cloth, and the other is a 12 headed Shiva Linga.

The claim appeals to all Hindus to share the photos. The original text in Hindi reads, "इतिहास में पहली बार मक्का मदीना का शिवलिंग दिखाया गया हे सभी हिन्दू भाई चुके नही शेयर जरूर करे".

Its English translation reads, " "For the first time in history Shiva Linga of Mecca Medina has been shown, all the Hindu brothers must not forget to share it".

The claim is viral on Facebook and Twitter.

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A Shiva Linga was unveiled in Mecca Madina.

Fact Check:

The viral claim is fake.

The foremost thing to observe in the viral photos is that the claim refers to Mecca and Madina as one place. However, Mecca and Madina are two different cities. They are the two holy cities in Islam, the third being Jerusalem.

We did a reverse image search of the first photo, which led us to Flickr, a photo-sharing platform. It mentions the photo was taken on 6 January 2012.

Image Credit: Flickr

The caption of the photo reads, 'roknay yamani ركن يما نى masjid al harram مسجد الحرام ,کعبہ'. The picture carries the name of a Facebook page, 'Cities of Muhammad (pbuh)', where the picture was uploaded on 4 September 2012.

We Google searched the caption 'roknay yamani', which led us to several articles with the same viral photo. 'Roknay Yamani' translates to 'The Yemeni Corner' and is spelt differently as 'Rukan Yamani' or 'Rukn-e-Yamani' or 'Rukn-al-Yamani' among various spellings. It is located on the southwestern corner of the Kaaba. It faces Yemen, thus named as Rukn-e-Yamani.

We also found a reference to 'Rukn-e-Yamani' on Haj guide PDF (page 41) accessible at

Image Credit: Screenshot/Haj Guide

We also searched for 'Rukn-e-Yamani' on YouTube and found a video on the channel 'Hum Sab', which carried the same viral photo.

Second Image:

We did a reverse image search to know about the second picture. The search results took us to a page on Pinterest. It was learned that this picture is of 12 Mukhi Shiva Linga located in Veeratpur, Rajasthan. We searched for more information and found a link to Here we found that there is an idol of Nandi and twelve Mukhi Shiva Linga in a big cave of Pandu hill in Virat Nagar of Rajasthan. This picture was uploaded on the Maps of India website in 2015.

Image Credit: MapsofIndia

The Rukn-e-Yamani corner of the Kaaba in Mecca has nothing to do with Shiva Linga, and the viral image of 12 Mukhi Shiva Linga is from Pandu hill in Rajasthan. Hence the viral claim is false.

Alt News has also debunked this viral claim.

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