Fact Check: Fake Quote Claiming Muslims Are Terrorists By Ideology Shared As Salman Rushdies Statement Once Again

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Fact Check: Fake Quote Claiming 'Muslims Are Terrorists By Ideology' Shared As Salman Rushdie's Statement Once Again

Old fake quotation expressing anti-muslim sentiments attributed to author Salman Rushdie is being circulated online.

World-renowned author Salman Rushdie has become the latest victim of fake news. A Facebook post with an alleged quote by Rushdie has emerged on social media. The quote claims "मुसलमान चाहे पाकिस्तानी हो या भारतीय, अनपढ़ हो या सुशिक्षित, गरीब हो या अमीर 99% मुसलमान सोच से कट्टर आतंकवादी ही होते हैं, चाहे वह भाईचारे का कितना ही दिखावा करे।" (Be they Pakistani or Indian, illiterate or educated, poor or rich, 99% Muslims are terrorists by thought, even if they make a show of brotherhood).

The quote has gone viral on both Twitter and Facebook.

Several related provocative posts intended at demeaning Muslims also have the alleged quote by Rushdie and others.


Salman Rushdie said, "99% Muslims are terrorists by the thought".

Fact Check

The claim is false

Fake Quote attributed to Salman Rushdie

When we checked the official twitter handle of Salman Rushdie, we came across a tweet where he thanked a user with the handle '@LucyGoesHard' thanked for fo the original source of the quote.

Despite, tweeting the original source of the quote and exposing this piece of fake news himself, he is still wrongly quoted till this date by several users.

Following an official rebuttal from Salman Rushdie, We can confirm that a fake quote was mischievously used to target the particular community.

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