Fact Check: Video Of Priest Getting Beaten In Haryana Shared With False Casteist Angle

Fact Check: Video Of Priest Getting Beaten In Haryana Shared With False Casteist Angle

A video of a priest being beaten by village boys with a bat has gone viral with the claim that goons in Haryana are thrashing a 26-years-old village priest as he is a Brahmin.

Social media is flooded with a video in which a boy is thrashing another person with a bat. The video is being shared with the context that the casteist goons in Haryana are thrashing a 26-year-old village priest as he is a Brahmin. It is being shared as the rise of hate towards Brahmin in India.

A Twitter user shared the video with a caption which says, "A 26 years old Pujari was kidnapped n brutally beaten up by the casteist goons in a village of Haryana. D condition of pujari deteriorated while his family was taking him back 2 his native place in MP."

Twitter account, Brahmin Lives Matter also shared the Tweet.

The post has also gone viral on Facebook.


A 26-years old priest was beaten in Haryana as he was a Brahmin.

Fact Check:

On searching with the keyword, "26-years-old priest beaten", The Logical Indian found a piece of news published by OpIndia. The news had a screenshot of the video and had the headline, "Haryana: Priest attacked by goons with a cricket bat, admitted to Mathura hospital in a critical condition." From the article, we were able to find that the incident was of Dhabi Kalan village in the Bhattu Kalan block, Fatehabad District, in Haryana.

The Logical Indian also found the news published in Dainik Jagran. According to the report, the priest was beaten by the boys as he was trying to have leud talks with a girl.

According to a report of News 18, four people who were associated with this case have been arrested.

The Logical Indian also called Fatehabad Police station where the case was registered and the police denied any caste angle to the story. While they did not mention the names of the ones who were arrested, they said all of them belonged to General caste.

The video is also being circulated by many with the false claims of it belonging to West Bengal. But West Bengal police through their Tweet have cleared that the video belongs to Haryana and not West Bengal.

Thus, the video is being shared on social media with a false caste angle.

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