Fact Check: No, Maharashtra Congress MLA Naseem Khan Did Not Say 'Pakistan Zindabad'

A 20-second video is being shared with the claim that Congress MLA Nasim Khan sloganeered 'Pakistan Zindabad' in a rally.

Two days before elections is a crucial time for the contenders. Elections can be won or lost in these two days.

At a time like this fake news, doctored videos are rampant and can be used to shape public opinion.

BJP national spokesperson, Sambit Patra, has yet again tweeted a viral video claiming that Former Cabinet Minister in Govt of Maharashtra and Congress MLA from Chandivali constituency in Mumbai, Naseem Khan, hailed Pakistan.

"Pakistan Zindabad, If Modiji has courage, if Rajnath drank his mother's milk, then file a sedition case," he says according to the clip.

The video was trending in October 2019 with a similar claim.

It went viral on both Facebook and Twitter.

Sambit Patra, in his tweet, has appealed to his friends to check the facts of the video.

Here we are!


Congress MLA from Chandiveli, Naseem Khan, sloganeered 'Pakistan zindabad' on stage.

Fact Check:

The claim is false

Doctored clip used to falsely attribute 'Pakistan Zindabad' quote to Naseem Khan.

In the original clipping, it can be seen that the speech was given by Khan in March 2016 during a mushaira (a social gathering where typically poetry is read).

Here, Khan narrates a few lines questioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi about spiritual guru Ravishankar's statement, 'Pakistan Zindabad' should go hand in hand with 'Jai Hind' in a bid to promote unity between the two countries.

"Aaj Yamuna ke kinare Delhi main, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ne Pakistan Zindabad ka nara lagaya vo Rajnath Singh ke mojudgi main, unke upar desh droh ka mukadma chalega ya nahi (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar raised pro-Pakistan slogans in the presence of Rajnath Singh in Delhi today. Will he be charged for this or not?)," he said.

The 'Art of Living' head, Ravi Shankar, had invited Pakistani religious leader, Mufti Maulana Muhammad Saeed Khan, to his three-day cultural confab at the Yamuna floodplains in Delhi, where Shankar spoke up about both countries' progress.

"Pakistan and India and all countries, we should all remember that we are all human, we are all a part of this planet, we are sons of Ishwar, and we should come together with love... Pakistan, Hindustan should move forward with friendship. Jai Hind aur Pakistan Zindabad saath saath chalein (Long live India and long live Pakistan should go hand in hand)," he said on the second day of the World Cultural Festival in Delhi.

Following this, Shankar prompted Khan to say 'Pakistan Zindabad' to which he replied, 'Jai Hind.'

He later tried to backtrack on his statement, after the hashtag #SendSriSriToPakistan started trending on Twitter.

However, in the doctored clip, the first part of Khan's sentence referring to Ravishankar's statement has been removed and edited to give the impression that Khan sloganeered 'Pakistan Zindabad.'

The actual transcript reads, "I want to ask Modi Ji that today on the banks of Yamuna, Sri Ravi Shankar raised the slogan of 'Pakistan Zindabad', in presence of Rajnath Singh. Will he be prosecuted for sedition? If Modi Ji has courage, if Rajnath has drunk his mother's milk, then file a sedition case and show."

Therefore, given the evidence, it can be ascertained that Congress MLA Naseem Khan was falsely attributed to the Quote 'Pakistan Zindabad'

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