Fact Check: Video Viral With Claim Of Kerala Police Officer Saying No Traffic Penalty If One Becomes Muslim

Fact Check: Video Viral With Claim Of Kerala Police Officer Saying "No Traffic Penalty If One Becomes Muslim"

A video of a Police Officer from Kerala has become viral with a claim that he was promoting Islam and saying that if one converts and becomes Muslims, then he/she won't be fined for traffic violations.

A post has gone viral on social media with a video of a police inspector speaking in Arabic and Malayalam and it is being claimed that the police inspector is preaching Islam and saying that if one converts and becomes Muslims, then he/she won't be fined for traffic violations.

The post is shared with the caption, "An IPS officer in uniform reciting in Arabic speaking in Gov school & says if you submit to Islam any traffic violation won't be penalties. What other crimes next? When you convert there are no more penalties? Is this acceptable? Shouldn't such officers be removed from service? This one clip is enough proof that Suresh Chavhanke ji's UPSC Jihad is real and it is already happening in wide scale. Hon SC & Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, who blocked it must remove its restrictions as tax-paying citizens we have the right to know the truth!".

The post is viral on Facebook.

The post is also being shared on Twitter. Arun Pudur, whose bio mentions Vishwa Hindu Parishad, has also shared it from his Twitter handle.


A police inspector in Kerala is saying that he will let go of any penalty for breaking traffic rules if the person converts to Islam.

Fact Check:

In the speech, the police inspector is seen speaking in Arabic and Malayalam. In the Arabic part of the speech, he says that being a Muslim one must be at best behaviour and have the courage and fear only Allah.

In the Malayalam part of speech, he tells a story when he went for night patrolling in Malappuram, a Muslim majority city in Kerala. According to the story, "He would ask about Islam to those kids who were caught for not having a driving license and later he became popular about the same."

In this entire speech, There is not a single statement where he says that he let go or will let go the penalties for those who convert to Islam.

The Logical Indian fact check team also took a screenshot of the video and did a reverse image search. On image search, we found the unedited version of the same video on the timeline of a Facebook user Arafa Kunjutty. The unedited video was posted in 2019.

In the unedited video, the police inspector also preaches people to accept good and forbid evil and then believe in Allah. He also asks the audience to restrain from consuming alcohol or drugs and also says that to be a good Muslim, one needs to help others.

Thus, it is clear from the context that despite he is praising Islam he is not asking for any conversion rather encouraging Muslims to do good.

On closely observing the tickers on the video, TLI Fact-check team saw the ticker with the text, 'Higher Secondary Student Conference'. Based on the ticker, we found out that the Police Inspector was speaking in a conference arranged by MSM Ernakulam. MSM is an organization in Kerala that promotes the dictates of Islam.

On contacting MSM, we got to know that the person is the station house Officer of traffic in Ernakulam and his name is P H Ibrahim. We called Ibrahim and he said that the police authority knows about the matter and action will be taken regarding the same and denied any further comments.

We spoke to his senior officer T.B.Vijayan, ACP West Traffic he said that Ibrahim is a sincere and unbiased person and this sharing of video with the wrong context can ruin his image while he must have had no intention to hurt the sentiments of other religion.

Based on the above findings, it can be concluded that the video is being shared with the misleading claim.

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