Fact Check: DGMO Denies Claim Of Pinpoint Strike Done By Indian Army Against Pakistan In PoK.
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Fact Check: DGMO Denies Claim Of 'Pinpoint Strike' Done By Indian Army Against Pakistan In PoK.

Many Indian media houses yesterday reported that the Indian army did a strike inside Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, on which Director-General of Military Operations said that the army has not conducted any action in PoK.

On November 19 2020, many media houses started flashing headlines claiming that the Indian Army has carried out 'pinpoint strikes' destroying the launchpads of terror inside Pakistan-occupied Kashmir as retaliation to Pakistan's conspiracy to push the maximum number of terrorists to India before the onset of harsh winter. Most of the media houses sourced the news from Press Trust of India, a news agency in India.

Before this, on November 13, the Pakistan army had violated cease firing and attacked the areas of Jammu and Kashmir along the LOC border, between URI and Gurez. The ambushes led to deaths of five Indian soldiers and six civilians, while many were injured. Later, the Indian army also retaliated killing eight Pakistani soldiers and injuring 12 others along with causing heavy damage to their infrastructure including Pakistan Army bunkers, fuel dumps and terrorist launch pads across the LoC.

With respect to ongoing skirmishes along the Indo-Pakistan border in Jammu and Kashmir, many news channels reported that as per Government sources, the Indian army did a 'pinpoint strike' in PoK.

Media outlets like Aajtak, Business Standard and ABP also covered the news.

Journalist Deepak Chaurasia took to Twitter to share this news.


Indian Army carried out a strike inside PoK on November 19, 2020.

Fact Check:

The Indian Army refuted the claims of the strike against Pakistan along LOC. According to ANI, the Director-General of Military Operations of Indian Army (DGMO), Lt Gen Paramjit Singh said, "Reports of Indian Army's action in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) across the Line of Control are fake."

PTI later reported that the reports of strikes carried out on November 19, are "based on the analysis of the ceasefire violations (CFV) that took place on November 13. There has been no firing or CFV in LoC today."

Later media houses corrected their reports regarding the same.

Journalists like Rubika Liyaqat and Anjana Om Kashyap also tweeted about the same.

Thus, media reports that claimed that the Indian army did 'pinpoint strike' inside Pakistan-occupied Kashmir has been denied by DGMO of Indian Army.

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