Fact Check: Fake News Of Accused In Hyderabad Rape Case Given Hindu Name By Police Is Being Spread

Published : 6 Dec 2019 9:44 AM GMT
Fact Check: Fake News Of Accused In Hyderabad Rape Case Given Hindu Name By Police Is Being Spread

Today morning (6 December 2019), the accused in the Hyderabad Rape Case were killed in an alleged encounter at Shadnagar in Hyderabad’s outskirts. The accused allegedly tried to escape while police were recreating the crime scene. Since the day the news of rape and murder of Hyderabad’s vet has surfaced, a lot of fake news is being spread and an attempt to give it a communal angle to the incident has been there.

Swami Yati Narsinghanand, a self-styled god-man based out of Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh uploaded a post on Facebook with a YouTube link. In this video, he alleges that that three of the accused, Jollu Naveen, Jollu Shiva and Chennakeshavulu are Muslims who have been given Hindu names by the Police, and that they are minors.

In the video, Narshinghanand claims that the police arrested four accused of which three were minors, because of which they have been given false identities. He even says, “Their names have been hidden to cover the wrongdoings in Islam and insult Hinduism. The government should take action against the authorities for insulting Hinduism.” A digital platform called The Youth also covered these statements.

Within no time, the post went viral on Twitter.

Fact Check

We checked the remand report which the Telangana Police had released after arresting the people and while investigating the crime. The ages of the accused in the rape are given below and all of them are above 18 years of age.

Various News Reports even reported the age of the people, and ages of none of the accused were said to be below 18.

Moreover, the fact of their names being changed as Yati Narsinghanand alleges is not true. Cyberabad police official twitter handle in a response to a tweet denied the fake new information being brought.


There has been official confirmation that three of the accused, Chennakeshavulu, Jollu Naveen and Jollu Shiva were not minors. Hence, the statements given by Swami Yati Narasinghanand that the three of them were minors is completely false and also that they were given Hindu names to hide their Muslim identity is false.

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