Ex-Armyman Who Questioned PM Modi On Farm Laws Discredited By Right-Wingers As Imposter

A video of Goldy Manepuria, an ex-armyman & a Punjabi singer, questioning PM Modi on farm laws has gone viral. The right-wingers are discrediting the video claiming that he masqueraded as army personnel. The Logical Indian Fact Check team investigates the claim.

India   |   6 Jan 2021 12:55 PM GMT
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Ex-Armyman Who Questioned PM Modi On Farm Laws Discredited By Right-Wingers As Imposter

A video of Punjabi artist Goldy Manepuria has gone viral on social media where he is seen questioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the video, he claimed that he was an army person and today he is being tagged as a terrorist. The video is viral in the context of recent farmers protest.

In the video, he says, "Prime Minister Narendra Modiji, I want to tell you one thing, when I was wearing this uniform and was standing at China border, I was a patriot, but when I removed the uniform and stood at the Delhi border, I became a traitor, a terrorist, a Khalistani. These are the terms your Godi media has used for me. Call and speak to the soldiers of Punjab and Sikh regiments and they will tell you that the attitude of the army personnel have changed after the farmers started protesting. The soldiers get disturbed when there is any problem at their house, but you have disturbed their houses immensely. The father, mother, sister and other relatives of these farmers are standing at the borders of Delhi to claim their rights, but you are not able to see them. You can only see the businessmen. Tell me which businessman's son is in the army. If the sons of the farmers who are fighting at borders leave their duty and come to stand by their fathers then whom will you call to fight?".

The video first went viral on social media with the caption, "A jawan asks questions to Modi Ji, will Modi_Andh_Bhakts and their God respond?"

Swara Bhaskar also retweeted the video with the caption, "Some straight speak."

Later, many right-wingers shared the same video claiming that the person is not an army officer. The video in right wing IT circle got circulated with the caption, "सोशल मीडिया में एक वीडियो वायरल हुआ है जो खुद को भारतीय फौजी बताते हुए किसानों को सेना को भड़काता हुआ दिख रहा है। जब इस शख्स की पड़ताल की गई तो ये एक पंजाबी सिंगर और एक्टर निकला, जिसका सेना से कोई वास्ता ही नहीं था। इसका नाम गोल्डी मनेपुरिया है।" (which translates in English as, "A video has gone viral on social media in which a person claiming to be an Indian soldier is trying to provoke the farmers. When the investigation was done it was found that the person is a punjabi singer and actor, and is not associated with Indian Army. The name of the person is Goldy Manepuria.")

Many people are also sharing an image of a newspaper with a similar claim. The post is viral on Twitter.

The post is also viral on Facebook.

OpIndia also published an article on January 3, 2021, saying that the Goldy Manepuria is a Punjabi artist and is not associated with the Indian Army.


The man in the viral video is a Punjabi artist, Goldy Manepuria and not an army officer.

Fact Check:

The Logical Indian searched for Goldy Manepuria and found he is a Punjabi actor and writer, known for song Neat Peg.

On a report published on The Tribune on January 4, 2021, Goldy Manepuria is referred to as an ex-army man with the report talking about him giving free diesel to farmers travelling to Delhi.

On January 6, 2020, he has shared images of him in army uniform on his facebook page where he has uploaded his images in army uniform. He has sarcastically shared the photo with the caption, "Goldy Manepuria fake... Lol Godi media. Enna k share kro k cheek nikle" (Which translates in English as, "Goldy Manepuria fake... LOL Godi Media. Share this as much as possible so that they scream.")

Goldy manepuria fake... Lol Godi media

Enna k share kro k cheek nikle💪

Posted by Goldy Manepuria on Tuesday, 5 January 2021

The Logical Indian spoke to Goldy Manepuria, who confirmed that he worked in the Indian army for 16-17 years. He said, "I have worked in the Indian Army between 2002 to 2018. I was in 175 medium regiments as Lance Havildar."

He also shared his Army Canteen card with us and clarified that his original name is Manjinder Singh; Goldy Manepuria is his nickname.

Hence, the Goldy Manepuria has earlier worked in the Indian Army and is now a Punjabi artist.

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Claim Review :  The man in the viral video is a Punjabi artist, Goldy Manipuria and not an army officer.
Claimed By :  OpIndia
Fact Check :  False
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