Fact Check: Video Of Gargoyle Attacking Italian Church Is Fake

Fact Check: Video Of Gargoyle Attacking Italian Church Is Fake

The Logical Indian fact check team investigated the claim that an Italian church was attacked by Islamic forces.

A short video clip showing a gargoyle climbing a church has gone viral on social media.

The caption accompanying the post read, "क्या यह किरिसचानिटी पर इस्लाम के गलबे का गैबी इशारा नहीं है।? (Is this an attack on Christianity by Islamic forces?) "

One of our community members asked us to verify the authenticity of the 45-second ling video clip.


Italian church was attacked by Islamic forces

Fact Check:

The video is doctored one. On observing closely, the watermark of a 'JJPD Producciones' can be seen on the top right corner of the video clip.

The keywords 'JJPD Producciones' on YouTube gives out a channel by the same name.

On June 3, 2019, this channel uploaded the viral video with the title "Demonio Aterroriza en Ciudad de Granada – Nicaragua 2019 – Gargola (Demon Terrifies in Granada City – Nicaragua 2019 – Gargoyle?)"

From their channel, it seems like, JJPD Producciones focuses on content similar to the viral video.

The 'About' section of the channel read, "We are two Nicaraguan YouTubers, Brothers, creators of videos with special effects, videos of paranormal encounters, fictional short films, Horror Tales and more. (Translated to English) "

On September 2019, the brothers had uploaded a tutorial sort of video which showed how the gargoyle can be created digitally.

Given the evidence, it can be confirmed that a doctored video is being falsely shared as Islamic forces attacking an Italian Church

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