Fact Check: Did Putin's Daughter Die After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine?

The Logical Indian Fact Check team investigates the claim that Vladimir Putin’s daughter died after being administered the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

India   |   19 Aug 2020 12:45 PM GMT
Writer : Aditi Chattopadhyay | Editor : Bharat Nayak | Creatives : Abhishek M
Fact Check: Did Putins Daughter Die After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine?

Russia's Gamaleya National Research Centre in partnership with the Russian Defence Ministry registered the first COVID vaccine in the world on August 11.

While making the announcement, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, "This morning, for the first time in the world, a vaccine against the new coronavirus was registered."

He has assured of the efficacy of the vaccine by stating that one of his two daughters has received a shot of the vaccine and is stable.

On August 15, a report by TorontoToday.net said that "Vladimir Putin's daughter DIES after the second dose of COVID vaccine"

This news has been the rounds on social media ever since.

"Vladimir Putin's daughter suffered unexpected side effects to the experimental Russian COVID vaccine and has passed away in Moscow. The Kremlin has yet to make a statement on her death. A source within Russia's inner circle stated that Putin's daughter – Katerina Tikhonova – suffered a rise in temperature shortly after her second injection, and then suffered a seizure. Doctors were not able to reverse the side-effects of the vaccine, and she was pronounced dead late yesterday evening," reads the report.

The claim has been shared extensively on Twitter.


Vladimir Putin's daughter died after being administered the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

Fact Check:

The claim is false.

No such official statement was issued by the Kremlin, the official residence of the Russian President. Vladimir Putin himself has also not made any such statement regarding his daughter. Further, the website which published this news was created in 2020.

The article cites "a source within Russia's inner circle" as a basis for the information which if true would have made headlines across the globe.

Further, the second source mentioned in the report is a Youtube video titled "Tarot Reading - Vladimir Putin's daughter dies from COVID vaccine" was uploaded on August 16. It has been taken down now.

Below is a screenshot is taken from Snopes:

The disclaimer mentioned with the video clearly states that "Tarot Reading is subject to interpretation and should not be taken as absolute".

The message adds that any story read using Tarot cards "may or may not be accurate". Reportedly, the Russian president has stated that one of his two daughters has received two shots of the vaccine and is feeling well.

"She has taken part in the experiment," Putin was quoted as saying.

He had added that his daughter had a temperature of 38 degrees (100.4 Fahrenheit) on the day of the first vaccine injection. Her temperature had then dropped to just over 37 degrees (98.6 Fahrenheit) the following day. Following the second shot, she again had a slight increase in temperature, but then it was all over.

"She's feeling well and has a high number of antibodies," Putin had informed.

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Claim Review :  Vladimir Putin’s daughter died after being administered the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine.
Claimed By :  Social Media posts
Fact Check :  False
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