The Fact Behind Akansha Singh Losing NEET AIR Rank 1 To Soyeb Aftab
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The Fact Behind Akansha Singh Losing NEET AIR Rank 1 To Soyeb Aftab

As NEET results were out, a lot of speculation around Soyeb being declared a topper started because Akansha Singh obtained the same score as him.

NEET 2020 results were declared on October 16, and since the day of its declaration, many people are puzzled. This year two people Soyeb Aftab and Akansha Singh made history by getting perfect scores i.e., 720 out of 720. But Soyeb was declared rank 1 and Akansha was declared rank 2.

Soon, many on social media started speculating the reason behind the same. Many started spreading the rumour that Soyeb has been declared a topper due to the country's minority appeasement policly.

A Twitter handle Mohit Datta speculated that the reason behind the same is due to the discrimination against Hindus.

A Twitter handle said that Akansha Singh isn't getting attention because there is discrimination against upper caste people.

Many raised doubts over the same.


Social media users cast doubts on NEET process of deciding topper after Soyeb Aftab was given top rank in NEET.

Fact Check:

National Testing Agency (NTA), an Indian government agency which looks after the entrance examinations for higher educational institutions, uses tie-breaking to decide ranks of candidates in case one or more candidates have received the same overall score.

In the case of a tie between two students in NEET, there are four factors that are taken into consideration:

1) The person scoring higher in Biology ranks higher in case of a tie.

2) If both the person score the same mark in Biology, then the person with higher chemistry mark is given a higher rank.

3) But if both the students score the same in both the subjects, then the one having the least number of incorrect answers will be ranked higher.

4) But if neither of the above factors can break the tie, then the one with more age will get a higher rank.

In this case, Since both gained 720/720, but the age of Soyeb Akhtar is 18 and Akansha Singh's is 17 years. Thus, based on the NEET tie-breaker formula, Soyeb was declared Rank 1.

Hence, the theory of minority appeasement or religious discrimination is completely ruled out.

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