Fact Check: Did BJP MP Kirron Kher Say Rape Is A Part Of Indian Culture And It Cant Be Stopped?
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Fact Check: Did BJP MP Kirron Kher Say "Rape Is A Part Of Indian Culture And It Can't Be Stopped"?

The Logical Indian Fact Check team investigates a viral photo where Kirron Kher appears to support rape culture.

A purporated statement made by Member of Parliament and actor Kirron Kher is being shared on social networking sites. The statement says, "Rape is a part of 'Our Culture', it can't be stopped." The statement has gone viral after Hathras gang rape incident, which has gained a lot of attention due to not just caste-based atrocity but also amid accusations of state government's apathy. Thus, it appears that Kher is supporting the Hathras rape accused.

An image with Kirron Kher's photo and the purported remark is being shared. The image has the logo of 'Viral in India.net'. The claim was shared by Virendra Srivastava, which has over 300 shares.

The same claim was shared by another Facebook user Rajiv Tyagi.


BJP MP Kirron Kher has stated that Rape is a part of Indian culture and it can't be stopped.

Fact Check:

Searching with the keyword, Kirron Kher rape remark, The Logical Indian was able to find the Times of India report where she said, "The rape culture is not new in India and has existed for ages." TLI was also able to find the full video in which she made the remark and in that video, she was actually condemning the rape culture.

In the full video, Kher is also seen asking equal rights for all the ladies in every household as a solution for change in mindset towards females. She also sought capital punishment for rapists.

Kher though drew controversy over her victim-blaming mindset while she was talking about the rape case in Haryana in the year 2018. She had suggested that the rape survivor and other girls must be more careful while taking autos. This drew lots of flak over social media. It was during this time that same claims of Kher supporting rape accused did round on social media.

It was in 2019 that the claim was again circulated on social media which was then debunked by BoomLive.

Thus, no news was found where the actor turned politician made any such remarks. Moreover, the logo 'Viral in India' belongs to a Facebook page, which is infamous for spreading fake news. Thus, it seems an old statement with twisted out of context has again gone viral on Social media.

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