Case Of Honour Killing From Hyderabad Shared With False Communal Claim
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Case Of Honour Killing From Hyderabad Shared With False Communal Claim

Our investigation revealed that the case was not of an inter-religion marriage but an inter-caste marriage. There is no communal angle involved in this case.

A photo of a man has gone viral on social media, with the claim that his partner's brother murdered him for having an interfaith marriage. While sharing the incident, social media users and news outlets such as Free Press Journal, IANS, and OpiIndia claimed that Harish, a DJ operator from Telangana, was killed by the brother of a Muslim woman for falling in love with her.

News website OpiIndia mentioned in their report that DJ Harish married a girl of another religion, and was stabbed by the woman's brother in front of the temple.

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News agency IANS published a news report on March 3rd, 2023, mentioning that Harish was murdered in a suspected case of Honour killing by the woman's brother. As per the report, Harish's parents have blamed the girl's family of murder. The Free Press Journal also made the same claim based on IANS story.

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Right-leaning page HinduPost also reported about this incident with a similar claim.

Sudarshan News journalist,' Abhay Pratap Singh' also shared the viral claim relating to the incident. The tweet was later deleted. In the tweet, he mentioned, " Harish fell in love with and married a Muslim girl. Following that, Harish's Muslim wife's family stabbed him to death with knives. They prefer a Hindu daughter-in-law rather than a Hindu son-in-law? #JusticeForHarish"

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It is being widely shared on Facebook and Twitter with a similar claim.


A Muslim woman's brother killed a Hindu man from Telangana for falling in love with her.

Fact Check:

The Logical Indian Fact Check team verified the viral claim and found it to be false. The victim and the woman both belong to the Hindu community.

We conducted an open keyword search during the initial investigation and discovered several news reports about the incident. According to the report of The Times Of India dated March 6, 2023, a Dalit man identified as Harish (28) was beaten and stabbed to death at Dulapally, Pet Basheerabad, by his partner Manisha's relatives. The prime accused was identified as Manisha's brother, B Deendhayal. He discovered the couple's hideout through the victim's friend Rajendra Kumar who was used as bait to lure him out of his home and hacked to death. The police authority also arrested Rajendra Kumar in this case.

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According to the report of The News Minute dated March 4, 2023, a 28-year-old man named Harish from the Mala community was hacked to death in Hyderabad by a woman's family for eloping with a woman from the Valmiki Mehtar community, which is classified as Scheduled Caste. According to the report, five people were arrested in connection with the murder, and another suspect is still at large.

The report further added that Manisha's brother learned of the couple's impending marriage at a temple in Dulapally on March 1. Deendayal, Manisha's brother, and his friends followed the couple on motorcycles, intercepted them, and attacked Harish with knives. Harish was stabbed in the head and chest during the attack and died on the spot. Police also detained Deendayal's friends, T Naresh, P Venkatesh Goud, K Rohit Singh, G Akshay Kumar, P Aniketh, K Manish, B Sainath, M Rajendra Kumar and a woman, G Navanitha, in this case. One accused, B Venkat, is still absconding.

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For more updates, The Logical Indian fact check team contacted Petbasheerabad Police Station's SHO, Gouri Prashanath, who confirmed that both the victim, Harish, and the woman were Hindus and that there was no communal angle involved in this case. "We have arrested the prime accused, Deendayal, and his friends and filed a case under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code."


Our investigation revealed that the case was not of an inter-religion marriage but an inter-caste marriage, and the woman married to Harish belonged to the Valmiki Mehtar community and not the Muslim community. Hence, the viral claim is false.

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