Fact Check: Doctored Video Of Congress Paying Anti-CAA Protestors Goes Viral

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Fact Check: Doctored Video Of Congress Paying Anti-CAA Protestors Goes Viral

Fake video showing Anti-CAA protestors being paid by the Congress is doing the rounds in social media.

The unwavering resolve of nationwide protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and also the National Population Register (NPR) is gradually becoming the turning point in India's democracy.

In the wake of these protests, fake videos are making rounds all over the internet.

One such video, which has been shared over 21 thousand times on Facebook and Twitter, shows a man paying cash to a group of women, some of whom are holding the flag of the Congress party.

The video is being circulated with the idea that it belongs to an Anti-CAA protest, and that the protestors are being paid money to participate.

The video also has one of Rahul Gandhi's speeches superimposed over the video.


Video shows Anti- CAA protestors being paid money to participate.

Fact Check:

The claim is false

An Old video falsely shared as Congress party paying Anti-CAA protesters

The video was uploaded on Youtube back on April 17, 2019 by channel ZEE 24 Taas.

It is titled 'Gujrat Congress Giving Money To Crowd After Congress Rally Gets Over.'

Also, Rahul Gandhi's speech is from an election rally at Gandhinagar during the Gujarat assembly elections in 2017 in the background.

This implies that the doctored video must date back to 2017.

The Government enacted the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) into law on 12 December 2019.

Therefore, we can confirm that the video cannot be from an Anti-CAA protest as the post claims.

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