Fact Check: Astronaut & Bicycle Carved On A Cathedral In Spain Shared As Past Glory Of Indian Temple

Old photos consisting of an astronaut, a bicycle and a remote are being forwarded on Whatsapp and social media with the claim that they are taken from 2000 years old Panchvarnswami temple of Tamil Nadu. The viral photos aim to establish that the bicycle was imagined much before in India and was invented in Europe just 200 years back.

*Does anyone know about this temple?*#Panchvarnswami temple is in #Tamilnadu, #India. According to archeologists this…

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These photos which have resurfaced again have been going viral since time immemorial. In 2017, the same set of photos went viral with the claim to be from a temple of Karnataka and smhoaxslayer debunked it. Now, it is being spread with the claim that is of Panchvarnswami temple of Woraiyur, Tamil Nadu, India.


  1. ) All the photos are from a well known Panchvarnswami temple of Tamil Nadu.
  2. ) The cravings are 2000 years old.

Fact Check

The album that is being shared consists of several photos, we debunk each one of them.

No photo description available.

On performing a google reverse search we get to know that the first cycle photo is taken from a carving at Medewe Karang Temple, North Bali, built at around 1906. It is considered to be a caricature of a Dutch artist who had roamed Bali on his cycle in 1904.

The second image is actually from the Panchavarnaswamy Temple, but the temple was built around the 7th century, around 1300 years back. According to The Hindu, the carving may have been added around the 1920s when the renovation of the temple took place.

And the photo of the astronaut is from a cathedral of Spain with the name Cathedral of Salamanca. According to the Snopes, the carvings of the astronaut and mobile are from 1992 renovation. There are a lot of authentic online sources to confirm that the pictures are from Spain’s cathedral renovation of 1992 and not from the temple of Tamil Nadu.

Image credit: vintageNews

According to a Portuguese article, the architect during renovation chose the astronaut as the symbol of the 20th century.

Several Youtube videos are also there depicting the grandeur of the cathedral.

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