Ashok Nagar Mosque Vandalised

Image Credits: Avichal Dubey

Fact Check: Yes, Mosque Was Vandalized In Ashok Nagar, Delhi

This article is more than 1 year old.

False claims of the video being filmed in 2018 from Samastipur in Bihar where saffron flags were hoisted by a mob on a mosque are being circulated on social media.

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At least 20 people including a Delhi Police Head Constable, have died in the north-east Delhi that has been on the boil since Sunday evening. Amidst the shocking reports that have come out from the area is a mosque in Ashok Nagar being set on fire on February 25.

In one of the videos of the incident that soon went viral, a man can be seen climbing up the minaret and placing a Hanuman flag. Another can be seen trying to place an Indian flag on the minaret. The video was shared by many including noted journalist Rana Ayyub on Twitter.

However, Ayyub took down the video after several, including Tehseen Poonawalla, claimed that the video was fake and unrelated to the current events. After confirming its authenticity, she posted it again.

Later in the day, DCP North West, Delhi, said that the news regarding the mosque being vandalised in Ashok Vihar was fake.

"Some false information/news item has been circulating regarding damage to a mosque in Ashok Vihar area. It is to clarify that no such incident has taken place in the area of Ashok Vihar. Please do not spread false information," the DCP said.

Poonawalla also shared the same in reply to Ayyub's video.

Soon after the Delhi police's tweet, many demanded the arrest of Ayyub and others who shared the video for spreading fake information.

Some even claimed that it is an old video from Bihar, where a mosque was attacked in 2018 in Samastipur.

Political commentator Nisheeth Sharan tweeted claiming that a criminal complaint was filed against Ayyub for circulating fake, old video.


1. No mosque was vandalized during the Delhi Riots

2. Mosque Vandalised in Ashok Vihar

Fact Check

Both claims are false

During Delhi riots, a mosque was vandalized in Ashok Nagar, not Ashok vihar.

Ashok Nagar Not Ashok Vihar

Many people are confusing Ashok Vihar with Ashok Nagar, where the vandalism actually too place. Even, The Wire had initially reported that a mosque in Ashok Vihar, Delhi was set on fire. However, they later clarified that the video was from Ashok Nagar.

It is also to be noted that in the various reports doing rounds on social media, DCP North West, Delhi, clearly says that no mosque was vandalised in Ashok Vihar.

The Video Is From February 25

The Wire's Naomi Barton, who reported the incident, took to Twitter to clarify that she personally saw the flag on top of the minaret in of the mosque in Ashok Nagar on February 25.

Avichal Dubey, who shot the video, also took to Twitter to clarify the same.

The Logical Indian reached out to Dubey, who said that the mosque that was vandalised was Badi Masjid at Ashok Nagar, Mandoli, Near Yamuna Vihar.

"When we reached the location, the mosque was already on fire, and it was being vandalised. At that time, no one was climbing it or placing a flag. However, the people with us told that two flags were placed on the minaret - one of the Hanuman flag and the other an Indian flag. However, the latter had fallen down," said Dubey. He also shared a close-up of the mosque.

The EXIF data of the photograph clearly shows that it was shot on February 25 at 3:57 pm.

Furthermore, the mob also looted a footwear shop. Dubey said that he shot the video of the mosque between 3:45 pm and 4:00 pm. He added that according to locals, the miscreants had been vandalising shops for two to three hours.

Hours before the video of the mosque surfaced online, several people had taken to social media to report about the violence in Ashok Nagar. This further corroborates Dubey's statement that the riots had been going on for hours before the video was shot.

Around 2:20 pm, one user reported about stone-pelting incidents in the area on Facebook.

"Police came to Ashok Nagar. Met the people who have been hiding in their homes. Police refused to cooperate with them," the user wrote.

The Logical Indian also found a screenshot of a Whatsapp message reporting stone-pelting incident inside the mosque. The message further said that five boys were stuck inside the masjid and a huge mob was outside.

The Video Not Connected To Samastipur Incident

False claims of the video being filmed in 2018 from Samastipur in Bihar where saffron flags were hoisted by a mob on a mosque are being circulated on social media.

In video grabs from the incident, it can be seen that the structure of the Samastipur mosque is completely different from the Ashok Nagar mosque. While the former have two minarets, the latter has only one.

Samastipur, Bihar | Image Credits: NYOOOZ TV


The images and videos of the mosque being vandalised are indeed from Ashok Nagar, amidst the violence in the national capital on February 25. It is not an old video of a similar incident that occurred in 2018 of a mosque in Samastipur, Bihar.

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