Fact Check: Twitter Tags Sambit Patra's Tweet Claiming Arvind Kejriwal Supported Farm Laws As Manipulated Media

An edited video of Delhi's Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has gone viral on social media with the claim that he supported the contentious farm laws.

India   |   1 Feb 2021 2:44 PM GMT
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Fact Check: Twitter Tags Sambit Patras Tweet Claiming Arvind Kejriwal Supported Farm Laws As Manipulated Media

On January 31, 2021, Twitter tagged a video posted by BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra as manipulated media. Even after multiple users pointed out that the video is edited, he hasn't taken it down.

Patra shared a video interview of Delhi's Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal. Video shows that CM Kejriwal in past supported the three farm bills passed by the Modi government. In the video, Kejriwal can be heard saying. "Your land will not be taken, your MSP will not be taken, your Mandi will not be taken, Now farmers can sell their products across the nation. now farmers will get a good rate as they can sell the product anywhere outside the mandi. Dilip Ji this will be the biggest revolution in 70 years in the agricultural sector."

Patra shared the video with the caption, "Sir Ji(Referring to Arvind Kejriwal) counting the benefits of three farm bills". Many BJP leaders and right-wing ideologues also shared the edited video claiming that Arvind Kejriwal first supported the farm laws and is now opposing it.

A verified Twitter handle @Sootradhar also shared the video with the caption, "Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party comes out in support of Farm Laws."

Many other Twitter users shared the same video with different captions.


Arvind Kejriwal supported the new farm laws.

Fact Check:

The viral video of Arvind Kejriwal is an edited clip of a 41 minutes long video of an interview he gave to Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal on January 15, 2021. Multiple small clips have been taken and merged to make an 18 seconds video to portray Arvind Kejriwal accepted that farm laws are benefitting the farmers.

Arvind Kejriwal was interviewed by channel's editor Dilip Tiwari and his colleague Jagdeep Sandhu. At around 5: 55 timestamp, Sandhu says, "The central government claims that they are trying to double the farmer's income."

To which Arvind Kejriwal replies, " How? The central government and the Bhartiya Janta Party fielded all their stalwarts on the ground to explain people farm bills benefit farmers. I heard all their speeches. In speeches, they say, Your land will not be taken, but this does not benefit, as it was their land. Your MSP will not be taken, but this does not benefit, as this was also there. Your Mandi will not be taken, this was already there. None of their leaders can calculate the benefits. If you ask them multiple times then they will say that now farmers can sell their crops across the nation. This is the benefit that farmers will get, now farmers will get a good price of the crops as they can sell the products anywhere outside the mandi."

In the same video, Kejriwal can be heard saying, "I want to ask the Centre with all due respect. Today, in Punjab and Haryana's mandi the cost of one quintal wheat is Rs 1,850. There is no mandi in Bihar, and farmers there are selling wheat for Rs. 800. This farmer that's selling for Rs 800, tell him where he should go to get more than Rs 1,850 for his wheat outside of the mandi? Outside mandis you always get less price for crops. So how is the bill benefitting farmers? The bill is benefitting only 4-5 capitalists."

Furthermore, at the 9:48 mark, Arvind Kejriwal responds to another question, saying, "These three farm bills should be repealed. And a law guaranteeing MSP should be introduced. According to the MS Swaminathan Commission, MSP should be calculated by adding the cost after 50% profit to 50% of this value. If such a law is introduced, Mr Dilip, it would be the biggest revolutionary step in the field of agriculture in the last 70 years."

At around 9:46 timestamp, Arvind Kejriwal answers another question. He says, "I have hope from this farmers' protests, Firstly these three farmers bills should be taken back. And second, they are demanding for a law that guarantees MSP should be brought. According to MSP Swaminathan Commission, MSP should be calculated by adding 50% of the cost according to the 50% profit. If it comes., Dilip ji, this will be the biggest revolutionary step in agriculture within 70 years."

Manish Sisodia held a press conference on January 31 to clarify that the video was edited. In the press conference, he said, "It's unfortunate that the BJP has to doctor a video to get public support for their farm laws. They are using Kejriwal's name so that his voice may lend some credibility to the laws."

Manish Sisodia also tweeted the viral video along with the original video to reveal the truth behind the doctored video. He captioned the video as, "Mr. Doctored Sambit Patra! @sambitswaraj Here is the truth of your fake video..."

Hence, in an interview where Arvind Kejriwal was seen condemning the farm laws and taking a jibe at BJP leaders is edited to show Kejriwal supported farm laws.

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Claim Review :  Arvind Kejriwal supported new farm laws.
Claimed By :  Sambit Patra
Fact Check :  False
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