Fact Check: No, JNUSU President Aishe Ghosh Didnt Fake Her Hand Injury
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Fact Check: No, JNUSU President Aishe Ghosh Didn't Fake Her Hand Injury

Jawaharlal Nehru University Students' Union (JNUSU) President, Aishe Ghosh, was attacked on the evening of January 5 by a mob masked goons inside the campus. Now, a set of two images has gone viral on social media claiming that she has faked her hand injury.

In the first image, her left hand can be seen plastered, whereas in the second image, her other hand is seen injured.

The juxtaposed images have been circulated widely on social media platforms. National organizing secretary of the student wing of the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) – Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) has also shared the image with a caption – "Aishe Ghosh is bigger actor then our Bollywood diva."

Aishe Ghosh Injury Fact Check
Picture Credit: Alt News

Columnist Shefali Vaidya also tweeted the same picture with similar narrative. She further took a dig at director Anurag Kashyap for 'not coaching students on continuity.'

Aishe Ghosh Injury Fact Check

Several netizens shared the image with the similar allegation claiming that the JNUSU president faked her injury.



JNUSU President Aishe Ghosh faked Her Hand Injury in the attack on campus


The claim is false

Altered image peddled to portray hand Injury as fake

The Logical Indian, performed a reverse image and found that the original source of the image was The Indian Express. In the image, Aishe can be seen speaking on the mic with her left hand plastered.

In several other pictures and interviews of Aishe, post the masked men rampage in JNU, her left hand can be see plastered.

The altered image that has been peddled is a mirror image of the original photo.

If you compare the original image with the altered one, the position of the man sitting on the floor has also been changed. The man in the red shirt sitting on the left side of Aishe can be seen on right side in the juxtaposed.

To further clarify the doubt, there is a video footage of the event, where Aishe is speaking. In the video, the paster is on her left hand and not on the right hand.

Therefore It can be ascertained that fake image was shared to portray injuries as fake.No, Aishe has not faked her injury.

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