In A First, Uttarakhand Police Recruits Street Dog In Sniffer Squad

In a first, Uttarakhand Police have recruited a street dog as part of their sniffer squad, thus setting a praiseworthy precedent.

Lack of availability of shelters for street dogs leave them to fend for themselves and increase the stray dog menace.These animals are often mistreated and hardly ever adopted.

People mostly prefer buying expensive, exquisite breeds as pets, as opposed to adopting a stray. Similarly, the Indian Army and police departments have always recruited foreign breeds such as German Shepherds, Great Swiss Mountain Dogs and Labradors as part of their force.

In such a scenario, Uttarakhand police’s initiative is commendable and presents a win-win situation.

“A dog that used to roam around in the streets is the pride of Uttarakhand Police dog squad. This experiment has been carried out for the first time in the country, by the Uttarakhand police. When police trained this street dog, it turned out to be better than the foreign breed dogs that cost lakhs of rupees,” Uttarakhand Police tweeted.

Tweeting a video of their sniffer squad, they wrote: “This sniffer dog squad is the pride of Uttarakhand police. For the first time ever the police have trained a street dog and made the dog a part of this squad as an experiment.”

“This is the first time that we have recruited a stray dog as part of our squad, and he is still being trained. He is performing better than many others in the squad and we are proud of him,” Inspector Kamlesh Pant, Uttarakhand Police, tells The Logical Indian.

“Despite being an Indie dog, he is doing a marvelous job inculcating the discipline just like the other dogs,” he adds.

Many took to Twitter to appreciate the move.

This experiment has paved the way for other state departments to carry out the same initiative. We truly can be kind and resourceful at the same time.

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