Transvision: Fighting Misconceptions Around Trans Community, One Youtube Video At A Time

Transvision: Fighting Misconceptions Around Trans Community, One Youtube Video At A Time

How much do we know about the trans community? It is shocking to know that even in 2018, many of us believe that being a transgender is a genetic abnormality or a mental illness. Some even attribute this to a fault in astrology.

People also share this false information, mindlessly through social media. Rachana Mudraboyina, a transwoman herself, decided to fight this misinformation about the transgender community. She believes the internet can be her ally in her fight.


Thus, in April 2017, Transvision, a Youtube channel, dedicated solely towards debunking myths and misinformation, was launched.

The Logical Indian spoke to Rachana to know more about Transvision.

Posted by Dalit Camera: Through Un-Touchable Eyes on Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Rachana, who holds double post-graduate degrees, has worked as a consultant for NGOs and even with the Andhra Pradesh police before starting Transvision.

“The killing of transwoman Pravallika in Telangana in 2015 was one of the many incidents of violence against trans people. We realised that there exists a lot of misinformation and misconception, mostly propagated through social media. Such misinformation and taboo spread so widely among people.”

Rachana thought if social media can be used to propagate false information, why can’t it be used to give correct information? That is when Rachana started Transvision. Interestingly, Transvision employees only trans and queer persons with the exception of one or two people.

“We have prepared web series of three episodes in three languages- Kannada, Telugu and Urdu. Through this web series, we are trying to give out simple information about transgender people. What are the issues we face in our day-to-day life? About the international and national guidelines.”

Shooting of అ ఆ ఇ ఈ ……అంజలి (A Aa E Ee Anjali) in progress. Seen in the photograph are Anjali (Left) and Rachana…

Posted by TransVision on Monday, June 12, 2017

Transvision also has interviews by famous trans personalities like Gauri Sawant, Usha Kiran Nayak and Jamaal Siddiqui.

“Collectivization of trans community important”

Rachana always believed that society always confuses between sexuality and gender. “There is a very thin line between the two. Actually, we don’t even have a proper terminology for this in our language. Whatever terms we use, have a patriarchal undertone to it.”

Rachana’s quest to make the voice of the transgender heard, started much before Transvision. She is of the firm belief that a large-scale movement like that of the Black movement in the west should take place for trans people to get their voice heard.

“Collectivization of the transgender community is very important. In Andhra Pradesh too, we had the ‘Swabhimana Yatra’, a march to ascertain our rights. Many other marches like that of Pride marches in different parts of our country has now at least started a dialogue around this topic.”

PRIDE !! PRIDE !! HAPPY PRIDE :)gathering point : Krishnakanth Parktime : 2:30 pm

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The process is slow, but change is happening. Rachana and her team started a crowdfunding event, asking people to contribute so that these videos could be made. “We received more than the target amount and that too before the deadline.”

These videos have been successful in generating dialogue around the topic. “Some of our videos were even used by the Women’s cell of the Karnataka Government. We don’t need any monetary benefit out of this, but it feels great that our efforts in the upliftment of the trans community are being acknowledged.” Rachana also hopes that in future she and her team are able to bring out a full-fledged movie on the transgender community.

Her only message to the society is to unlearn whatever false information about the transgender community they have harboured for ages. “It is important that we unlearn, and educate ourselves about the rights and issues of trans people.”

The Logical Indian applauds Rachana’s efforts.

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