This Is How A School Punished A Student For Asking A Fee Receipt - Failed Him In Board Exam

This Is How A School Punished A Student For Asking A Fee Receipt - Failed Him In Board Exam

We have now entered an era where we need to firmly assert – ‘Education is my birthright and I shall have it’.

Gone are the days when educating the masses was considered to be a mission; it has now fallen into the hands of businessmen who only intend to sell it. And similar to any other business; education, these days, looks for profit and does not think twice before it destroys someone’s future and pushes the person on the path of hopelessness.

Moral corruption has seeped so deep into the system that it has made inroads into every aspect of our lives.

Even still, recent anecdotes of the same and the plight of the commoners never fail to startle us.

One such shocking story of a victim of lack of accountability and conscience is Avanish Yadav, a student of the Children Senior Secondary School, Belaisa, Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh.

How all of it started

Young Avanish did not have the slightest inkling about what would be in store for him when he had asked for the fee statement for the entire year from his school.

Speaking to The Logical Indian he said, “My father, a farmer by profession, is involved with a humanitarian organisation that provides financial assistance for the education of the children of poor farmers. It is essential for those availing the benefit to present an official fee statement from the school for the entire year.”

Avanish had approached the school management for the same but their initial response was not satisfactory – they continued to dilly-dally, keeping him in vagueness all the while.

After a few days when Avanish sought to enquire, instead of the fee structure he was handed over a Transfer Certificate (TC), clearly stating that such statements are not supposed to be provided by the school.

The school authorities also claimed that Avanish’s father had misbehaved as he demanded the fee statement from them. All of this took place on 9th August, 2016.

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) came to Avanish’s rescue

Heartbroken and bewildered, Avanish wrote to PM Modi and Uttar Pradesh CM Adityanath, but in vain. It was only when the NCPCR got involved that he saw some hope.

The Commission clearly stated that even if the parents of the candidate had misbehaved inside the school premises, the authorities had no right to hand Avanish a TC. It also directed the CBSE to look into matter, allowing him back into school and providing him with the admit card for his Class X board examination.

CBSE takes steps in favour of Avanish

After probing into the matter, the CBSE ordered the school to revoke the TC which was issued in total non-conformation of the rules and regulations. It also ordered the school to allow Avanish to sit for the board exams and make proper arrangements for the same. In response, the Children Senior Secondary School agreed to the directions and promised to support Avanish.

Except, they didn’t.

Avanish secured zero in all the subjects

Though Avanish was permitted to sit for the exam, on the day of the results, June 3, his grade card showed that he secured zero in all the subjects.

Avanish’s Class X board exam grade card

“The school had not sent the marks of the internal assessments to the CBSE, which are to be added to the marks scored in the board,” said Avanish.

On June 3, he also made a Facebook post, expressing his helplessness at the situation.

आज मेरा १०वीं का रिजल्ट आ चूका है मैं #चिल्ड्रेन_सीनियर_सेकेंडरी_स्कूल बेलईसा आजमगढ़ का छात्र था। ….. स्कूल ने मुझे न…

Posted by Avanish Yadav on Saturday, June 3, 2017

“I am sitting outside the District Magistrate’s office right now, waiting to talk to him. Since the results were declared in the weekend, I had to wait for Monday. I will be taking this up and will try to get justice,” said Avanish.

The letter Avanish sent to the District Magistrate

The Logical Indian contacted S.C. Patnaik, the school principal during Avanish’s term, to comment on the issue, however, our calls were not answered.

As told by Avanish, the principal has refrained from giving any statement, while maintaining that he is “no longer in-charge of the office.”

On June 6, Avanish made another Facebook post which said that he visited St. Xavier’s school – his centre for the board examination – to ask the principal for the attendance sheet. The principal cited legal constraints for not allowing Avanish to make a copy of the same. He further explained that the CBSE does not give marks to a student who has not been graded for his internal examination by the school. Following this, Avanish called the Children Senior Secondary School, Azamgarh principal S.C. Patnaik, who agreed that the school had not submitted internal assessment marks, but as nothing can be done now, he has to sit for the examination again next year.

क्या बताएं आप लोगों को??…..आज मैं सेंट जेवियर स्कूल गया जहाँ मैंने एग्जाम दिया था , वहां अपनी अटेंडेंस शीट देखा प्रि…

Posted by Avanish Yadav on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Logical Indian take

Dishonest, lack of accountability and blatant apathy is at the verge of destroying an important year of a student.

Avanish’s helplessness was evident in his Facebook post. It is heart-rending to see how a teenager in the tenth grade feels cheated by the entire system and is hopeless in the wake of the current events.

Needless to say, Avanish’s plight is shared by many who have borne the brunt of the system.

What is worse is that young minds that should be filled with hope, resonate despair. At such a young age Avanish sees the flaws in the system and is disheartened at the way things function.

The only good news in this entire story is that Avanish, although devastated, is ready to fight his battle and leave no stone unturned.

The Logical Indian, while condemning the entire episode and whole-heartedly supporting Avanish, appeals to the CBSE and other concerned authorities to probe into the matter and give him the justice he deserves.

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