By Recycling 35 Kgs Of Raw Materials Everyday, This School Has Made 7.8 Lakh Recycled Sheets In 6 Yrs

By Recycling 35 Kgs Of Raw Materials Everyday, This School Has Made 7.8 Lakh Recycled Sheets In 6 Yrs

Paper wastage has for a long time become a serious problem around the world with corporates, NGOs and even individual making efforts to save trees and recycle paper. Even though much of the world has shifted to computers and laptops, eliminating the need to use paper on a daily basis altogether, students in India be it in schools and colleges, still relies heavily on paper.

Going the green way

One private school situated in Bengaluru is truly setting a shining example by setting up a paper recycling unit within the school campus which, over the last six years has approximately produced, 7 lakh, 80 thousand sheets of recycled paper. Vidyashilp Academy, located in Bengaluru’s suburbs started this initiative in 2012. Now, the school makes use of manpower of five people, five units of electricity and 350 litres of water per day and produces 600 sheets of paper every day. The school processes around 35 kgs of raw materials every day and the paper that’s recycled are collected in large trash bins which are placed across the campus.

Talking to The Logical India, Kalai Selvi, Head of the School said, “Schools often produce a large amount of waste like notebooks, worksheets, used electronics and food waste products. Our research showed that 24% of school waste is recyclable paper and 50% is food waste and other non-recyclable paper that can be composted.”

Teaching children the importance of recycling

“We educate our children about the importance of recycling through our teaching methods for a greener future,” she added. “The nimble fingers of Shilpites string the most exquisite jewellery pieces form paper. The most aesthetic interior decoration items express creative expressions and critical thinking. Our trash bins have discarded plastics covers and replaced it with newspapers. Majority of the campus needs with regards to paper is sourced from the recycle unit,” she said while talking about how the papers are put to use. In fact, the school newsletter, as well as the annual report cards, are issued with the recycled paper that’s produced in house.

Produces 600 sheets of paper everyday

Students craft interesting pieces using these papers like jewellery boxes, corporate sets, journal diary, envelope, and gift bags which are then donated to the Government High School at Begur. “We have so far helped 14 government schools through this initiative,” she said. “We have become self-sustained in terms of consumption, especially in the art department. Our staff and students are encouraged throughout the year to use recycled paper,” she added. Vidyashilp is one of the few schools which has taken up such a noble initiative.

The school has been recognised for its efforts and is one of the leading schools under the Behetar India campaign in South India she added. The Logical Indian applauds the school authorities and the initiative for becoming a beacon of hope and for placing emphasis on making the world a little greener.

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