After Running From Pillar To Post, 16-Year-Old Gets Prosthetic Limb Thanks To Delhi High Court’s Order

After Running From Pillar To Post, 16-Year-Old Gets Prosthetic Limb Thanks To Delhi High Court’s Order

Ritik Koli, a differently-abled boy is overjoyed after the Delhi High Court ordered the Delhi government to provide him with the prosthetic Limb.

The 16-year-old resident of Delhi is suffering from congenital limb deficiency and abnormality development since the time of his birth. Student of Class 12, Ritik developed a fondness for colours at a very young age. Passionate about sketching, the boy is using his foot dexterously to draw sketches for a long time now.

40-year-old Ramwati, his mother was determined to get his son all the treatment required. She went to more than a dozen of government hospitals to get her boy treated, but unfortunately, she was denied help. Ramwati then decided to fight the battle legally and went to Delhi High Court in 2017 asking for their intervention.

Finally, last year on November 1, the Chief Justice Bench of the Delhi High Court directed the Delhi government to provide a prosthetic limb to the diff-abled, Ritik within two months.

What does our law say?

Advocate and social activist Ashok Agarwal had filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Delhi High Court seeking Rs 13 lakhs for Ritik’s prosthetic limb. Mr Aggarwal had argued before the court that according to the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016, it is mandatory for any government to provide assistive devices to students with benchmark disabilities free of cost, as long as they are under 18 years of age.

Following which the High Court issued the notice to the government and the ministry of social justice. Taking accordance of the notice, the medical director of Lok Nayak Hospital told the court that the child has severe disabilities and that the ‘Delhi Arogya Kosh’ will provide the money for Ritik’s prosthetic limb, the hospital told the court, reported The Indian Express. Delhi Arogya Kosh is a government registered society who provide financial assistance to people who cannot afford expensive medical procedures.

The hospital had also told the court that it would take not more than two months to organise for the funds. It took more than six months for the government to provide the fund.

“It is a victory for both Ritik’s family and me that we were able to provide him support in a dignified way,” said Advocate Ashok Agarwal while speaking to The Logical Indian.

“What Ritik got is no charity, it was his right to ask the government to support him. Even our Constitution says that every man and woman has all the right to live with dignity and that is what the child has got,” “dignity’,” he added.

Mother’s happiness

Ramwati who is also a part-time tailor says, “All my effort did not go in vain. I am happy that my son can have a better life now.”

“He is a brilliant and supportive boy. We never taught him to write or draw, he learned all that and now that he has a supportive limb, he can be better at his work,” told Ritik’s mom while talking to us.

Ramwati and her husband run a small sweet shop. In 2016 when the couple were visiting Tis Hazari Court in Delhi regarding a case with their landlord, the couple met advocate Ashok. “We were lucky to get his help. Soon Ritik will get his left hand too,” she added.

How will the limb work?

The prosthetic limb attached to Ritik’s elbow is fitted with machinery (bilateral elbow disarticulation myoelectric hand prosthesis and myoelectric system with silicone glove; battery and charger). The prosthetic limb sends a signal through his nerves above the elbow to his brain and thus works as a human limb.

The Logical Indian appreciates Ritik’s fighting spirit and courage. It is the responsibility of the government to provide financial assistance to people in need but because of the lack of proper scrutiny, the needy often have to roam from pillar to post to get what they deserve. The government should immediately take cognisance of the matter and provide help as and when required without any court intervention.

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