Tamil Nadu: Brain Dead Retired Govt Sports Teacher Donates Organs, Saves 7 Lives

Akanksha Kashyap Tamil Nadu

November 11th, 2018 / 1:14 PM

Organ Donor Saves 7 Lives

Losing a family member could be devasting time for the entire family, but the family of Sachithanandam from Hosur, Tamil Nadu overcame their sorrow for a greater cause.

“My father’s last wish”

The organs of Sachithnandam A, who was declared brain dead on November 7 was used to give life to seven other people. In an exclusive interview with The Logical Indian, Mahesan J B, nephew of Sachitnandam said, “ We donated two corneas, liver, pair of kidneys, bone(L3, L4) and skin.” He also added that all these organs were instantly used, “We are happy that he is alive somewhere, somehow.”

The 60-year-old retired government physical education teacher had a stroke around 12.30 p.m., while he was in Salem in Tamil Nadu. The stroke caused a paralytic attack and he was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital. Mahesan said, “We were told that there was a clot in his brain that had caused immense bleeding sending him to danger. We were given the advice to try out a surgery.” Sachithnandam A was then taken to Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital in Coimbatore.

Just after Sachithnandam’s examination was done, the family was informed that the brain was already dead and the surgery would not help in any manner. Speaking exclusively to The Logical Indian, Rasika S, Sachithnandam’s daughter said, “It was my cousin, Mahesan J B with whom my father had expressed his will to donate his organs when they had last met.” She also added that Mahesan came to know about Sachithnanda’s situation way before her next to kin. “He was the one who convinced the family. Personally, my mom and I feel relieved as we were able to fulfil one last thing he wished for.”

All the organs donated by Sachitnandam gave life to seven people and he went away leaving a strong message behind. “The liver and kidneys were transplanted to patients at KMCH, while the bone, skin and eyes were sent to private hospitals here,” KMCH chairman Dr Nalla G Palaniswami said while speaking to The Covai Post. “My father strongly stood for zero waste policy and he stood the ground till the last breath. So hence, I believe my dad achieved his ultimate goal and also eased the pain of losing him for us,” Rasika told. She added, “ It wouldn’t have been possible with the support of the family. They stood by my side all this while. Also, my cousin played a very important role. Mahesan was the one who was there with my dad since the moment he collapsed till his last breath. All this would not have been possible without him. It was him who gave me the support to accept whatever was happening.”

Donation Process in India

There are basically two ways in which donation can happen in our country either by signing up a donation form for organ donation voluntarily called the living donations. If the patient is declared brain dead, the family takes the call and this is called deceased donation.

According to Times Now, there are restrictions on the lifespan of the organs donated, the heart, for instance, can only be sustained for 6 hours, liver for 24 hours, kidney for 72 hours and lung for 6 hours.

Organs are to be removed as soon as possible from the body after the patient is declared brain dead and is sustained under chemical solutions till then, according to Times of India. There are various websites that have online forms for organ donations like organindia.org, donatelifeindia.org, etc, according to Times Now.

The Logical Indian take

As the social convention dictates, people feel organ donation to be a taboo but incidents like these inspire others to come forward and give lives to the needed even after they are no longer alive.

The Logical Indian salutes the entire family to take up the cause even in such a difficult situation and encourages people to come forward to donate their organs.

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Written by : Akanksha Kashyap (Student, IIJNM)

Edited by : Shraddha Goled

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