Average Indian Household Spends Rs 2500 A Month On Eating Out, Bengaluru Splurges Most: Survey

Published : 14 Jun 2019 11:39 AM GMT
Average Indian Household Spends Rs 2500 A Month On Eating Out, Bengaluru Splurges Most: Survey

Indians are eating out nearly seven times a month, according to a recently released India Food Services Report 2019 by the National Restaurants Association Of India. The survey shows that north Indian food is the ultimate choice of Indians.

The survey analyses the eating habits of Indians, what restaurants they visit frequently, what they order and how much they spend on food. It also mentions about the business aspects like the amount of investment that has entered into the Indian F&B sector and sectors of the restaurant business.

When it comes to eating out, Indians do not need an occasion. According to the survey, Indians are increasingly consuming non-home cooked food to satisfy their cravings for a good meal.

However, this is not the case with other Asian Cultures such as in Singapore or elsewhere. The survey shows that an average Indian household spends Rs 2500 per month on eating out, and the city that spends the most is Bengaluru, splurging over Rs 3568 a month.

Overall, almost half of the restaurant orders placed in India are for north Indian cuisine, ranging from chapatis and dal to paneer and the most favoured tandoori chicken. If one includes Mughlai food which has originated from the northern part of the country, this percentage rises up to 63 per cent.

Another finding of the survey suggests that people in Bangalore prefer North Indian food (27%) over South Indian(10%).

“Given that Bangaloreans have always had an adventurous and experimental bent of mind with regard to different flavours, the popularity of North Indian food shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s a welcome break from the daily routine, especially when dining out or ordering in,” Chef Manu Chandra, Bengaluru Chapter Head, National Restaurant Association of India told The Logical Indian.

According to the NRAI, the cosmopolitan culture and IT together sparks a revolution in the eating and cooking habits of the residents of Bengaluru. The changing attitude of Bengaluru’s population has compelled the local food service industry to reinvent themselves to meet the changing needs of their customers.

“The substantial influx of immigrants from the north over the last two decade or so has also contributed substantially to both the consumption and production of cuisines of the north,” Chandra adds.

Chinese food is the second most preferred with 27% of orders.

As per the survey, Idli Dosa which is the staple diet for most in down south finds the 3rd spot in the list along with biryani. Mughlai Cuisine and Italian make it to the fourth and fifth spot respectively.

The regional variations across the vegetarian food are immense in north and west with non-vegetarian being the most favourable in down South, comprising 70% of the total orders placed.

According to the survey, people at all times select good food quality over other reasons to choose a place to eat.

Surprisingly, for people who visit bars and pubs ‘Happy Hours’ do not seem to influence their place of choice.

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