Now Only The Govt Of India Can Help This Dutch Woman To Get Her Daughter Back

Now Only The Govt Of India Can Help This Dutch Woman To Get Her Daughter Back

Reams and reams have been written in the media across the world in the last five months. However, this Dutch citizen, Nadia Rashid, is yet to see her two-year-old daughter Insiya who was allegedly kidnapped by her father, Nadia’s Indian ex-husband, Shehzad Hemani on 29 September 2016.

Nadia Rashid, along with the Dutch government are constantly trying to reach out to the Indian government to seek justice. They have urged for a probe on the issue from the Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj, President of India Pranab Mukherjee, even Prime Minister Narendra Modi via their Twitter handles. Unfortunately, not even a single inquiry has been ordered against Hemani, an Interpol-wanted criminal and the mastermind behind the gruesome kidnapping.

Hemani is staying in his Mumbai apartment along with Insiya. Reportedly, Hemani is also a wilful defaulter of Rs 300 crore from a consortium of 11 Indian Banks.

“Despite reaching out to the Indian ministry many times, I haven’t heard a single word from them. Probably because my daughter and I are not Indians,” Nadia said to The Logical Indian.

Nadia Rashid has now started a petition on to reach out to the authorities of the Indian Government, especially the Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj. She urges the minister to collaborate with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to return Insiya back to the Netherlands. The petition that has been signed so far by 22,312 people, also contains the video of Nadia that was shared by the Facebook page “Humans of Amsterdam”. In the video, Nadia can be seen sharing her plight and seeking help from the Indian authorities.

Humans of Amsterdam freshly shared Nadia’s story on Tuesday morning, where she wrote, ”On the 12th of January 2017, there was the first court hearing. It was also the first time I saw one of the kidnappers in real life. A few days before the kidnap he had been flown in from the US by my ex-husband. It was a surreal experience to sit only a few meters away from a man who ruthlessly had participated in the kidnap of my own daughter. During the trial, I found out that the kidnap took 10 months of preparation and that my ex-husband had hired a team of 7 men to carry out ‘Operation Barney’. They even gave it a name.”

Background of Nadia and Hemani’s relationship

Nadia Rashid fell in love and married Mumbai-based businessman Shehzad Hemani. It was only after the wedding that she found out about his abusive tendencies. She subsequently filed for divorce. As the case went to court in Amsterdam, Nadia Rashid was awarded the custody of their daughter Insiya in March 2016. Hemani allegedly kidnapped Insiya from Amsterdam and fled to Mumbai.

How Hemani organised the kidnap

After planning for over ten months, Hemani had allegedly kidnapped Insiya on 29 September last year from Amsterdam, where she was staying with her mother and grandmother. Hemani organised ‘Operation Barney’ (the kidnap plan) with the help of seven people who managed to smuggle Insiya out of the European Union to Mumbai, despite, an AMBER alert being issued all over EU for her.

All other kidnappers arrested except Hemani

According to the reports of Dutch Media, the Interpol had issued arrest warrants against all the people involved. So far all of them have been arrested from different parts of the world, except the alleged mastermind Hemani himself

Dutch journalist John van den Heuvel from The Telegraaf shared with The Logical Indian the list of the people arrested. The names include:

Robert B (arrested in Amsterdam right after the kidnap), F H Splinter (Ex Police Officer, arrested in Netherlands), L Splinter (arrested in Germany), Mr Valk (arrested in Netherlands), fifth kidnapper name undisclosed (arrested in Netherlands), Daniel C. (arrested by FBI in the US), and Imran S. (arrested in Iran).

Imran, Hemani’s cousin, was on a pilgrimage with a group. He was stopped at the Mumbai airport but was eventually allowed to continue with his travel. During a stopover at Tehran, security guards checked his passport against an Interpol system for internationally wanted persons. The guards realised he was wanted for kidnapping and took him into custody last Sunday.

Investigation report of Hemani’s companies where he was a wilful defaulter

According to investigation report conducted by Mr Heuvel shared with The Logical Indian,

“Shehzad Hemani has been a wilful defaulter with his Mumbai-based company Conros Group and later on with Mashreq Steels (open source 2009 & 2016). He had applied for corporate loans with several banks for his company like Stemkor International Private Limited.

Hemani is officially bankrupt, and his first obligation is to repay the loan of Conros Group. And yet, no one (CBI or Income Tax Department) is checking as to how he is financing himself and spending crores of Indian currency.

With Conros Group, Hemani took up a corporate loan of Rs 450 Crore from a Consortium of 11 banks, from which Rs 300 Crore is still outstanding. This money was meant to be invested in his Steel business, but his factory has been shut down since 2011. Hemani is neither importing nor exporting anything with Conros Steels.

He claimed that he had made losses in his business of steel due to recession in 2010/2011, but in reality, he had never invested the money in his bank accounts.

After being declared a wilful defaulter and bankrupt, Hemani then moved on to making other people directors in the several companies which were also registered at the same address of Conros Group.

Hemani wooed people and asked them to help a brother/friend in need. These people then became directors in his companies, and he also made fake ID cards of the same people to create more dummy directors.

By forging the signature of the current Directors, Hemani had applied for Corporate Loans with leading banks. He used his connections with bank Chairmans and officials to get these loans approved. The bank employees received a handsome reward for the courtesies extended to him.

The money was then deposited in the accounts of the several companies that Hemani ran and sent offshore to his accounts in the UK, Europe, Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong. After a while, he then replaced the directors with other directors.

The people who were duped had filed criminal complaints with the Mumbai police. In some instances, the complaints were not pursued because Hemani had threatened these former directors. One of the duped dummy directors filed a complaint with the Mumbai Police in December 2014.”

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The Logical Indian take

Nadia, as a mother, has been waiting to see her daughter for the last five months. As the Interpol has arrested seven of the kidnappers involved in Operation Barney, there is no doubt that Hemani had allegedly hatched the plot of kidnapping.

Even if Nadia’s claims are all false, we urge the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, Women and Child Development Minister to order a fair probe into the matter cooperating with the Dutch government. Hemani is not only accused as a kidnapper but also a wilful defaulter of loans taken from Indian banks. The investigation should also listen to Hemani’s version of the story.

The Logical Indian repeatedly tried to reach authorities in Mumbai Police about the case, but the senior official we spoke to did not want to disclose any information. He refused even to tell us whether there is such a case and if they are working towards solving it.

We request our community members to sign the petition by Nadia Rashid to get back her Insiya. Let us all help her seek justice through a thorough investigation.

This is an exclusive reportage carried out by The Logical Indian with the help of Dutch journalist John Van den Heuvel who is associated with The Telegraaf.

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