Mumbai Police Went All The Way To UP To Find Stolen Laptop & Busted A Racket
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Mumbai Police Went All The Way To UP To Find Stolen Laptop & Busted A Racket

India is the biggest democratic country in the world with a whopping world population of 133.92 crores. However, the safety of a person or an object dwelling in the country is still a big question. We all know someone or the other who have lost their phones or laptops or other gadgets and forgot about it even after reporting it to the cops. Well, we cannot blame the cops as they have other critical crimes to solve in this country.

However, the Govandi Police Station in Mumbai did take an extra initiative to find laptops. Dharam Valia, who is the owner of a film production company lost his laptop and other electronics accessories in September 2018. He finally got back his laptop and his backpack on January 21, 2019, with the help of police officials from Govandi Police Station.

What happened

Dharam, who lives in Chembur, on a September night went for a movie. He placed his backpack on the back seat of the car which had a laptop (MacBook Pro), a pair of headphones, speakers, and other documents. After the movies, he found out that someone had broken the window pane and stole the backpack. Dharam said, “There were glasses on the seats, and the bag that I had kept on the back seat was missing.”

Worried, Dharam rushed to the Govandi Police Station to report the crime. Two detectives came with Dharam on the same night to inspect the area, only to find there were no CCTV cameras nearby. An FIR was lodged. Dharam followed up with the cops. Few days after the incident, Dharam received a call from an auto driver, who found few of Dharam’s documents behind his auto seat. Dharam informed the cops and they called the driver for inquiry. However, no relevant information was elicited from the driver. Dharam said, “I had lost all my hopes. The only thing I was sad about was that my laptop was a brand new one and I thought that I was never going to get it back.”

After a few days probing the case, Dharam was called by the cops to identify his bag among all the other bags that cops found from a place in Chembur. Dharam identified his bag only to realise it was empty. The cops could not catch the culprit from whose place the bags were confiscated.

The team from the Govandi Police Station continued their probe and travelled to Uttar Pradesh after receiving a tip. The team after reaching U.P discovered that the culprit had sold the laptop to someone.

“I received a call from the cops asking me to come to the police station to identify the laptop. I was elated and I rushed to the police station,” said Dharam. The call came after 5 months. Dharam finally identified his laptop with the serial number. “I never thought I will get my laptop as months passed after lodging an FIR.” All the other gadgets are still missing, and the cops are still investigating.

When The Logical Indian contacted the Senior Officer of Govandi Police Station, Inspector Mane, he said that they had found nearly four lost laptops. “The investigation is still going and we are close to busting this racket”. He said that of the two wanted, one has been arrested and the other is at large. He further added that the team will soon find more stolen laptops from the Chembur area.

The Logical Indian Take

The Logical Indian appreciates the police for taking action quickly. It is the reasons and incidents like this which restore public faith in the Police force and the authority in general. We hope that personnel of the Govandi Police Station continue the good work and other police stations take inspiration from this.

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