This Mangaluru Woman Is Upcycling Discarded Bottles And Making Treasure Out Of Trash

This Mangaluru Woman Is Upcycling Discarded Bottles And Making Treasure Out Of Trash

Waste generated at beaches, streets or polluted grounds usually ends up at landfills adding to the pollution of the city. The plastic garbage which is collected at cleanups is usually ignored and makes its way to the dustbin. A similar sight of discarded bottles near Phalguni River, Mangaluru, compelled Megha Mendon to think about ways in which it could be reused.

Since then, she has collected more than 1000 such bottles and upcycled them into beautiful artistic pieces.

Megha Mendon Mangaluru
Few beautiful decorative decor lamps made by Megha Mendon

Megha, a young architecture student hailing from Mangaluru has been working on ideas on recycling, from the past two years. While most of us turn a blind eye towards this environmental issue, Megha gives us a fresh perspective through which we could reconsider recycling in our daily lives. In the beginning, she started with just 4 or 5 bottles at home. She admits that it required patience to complete the design on bottles but it became a fun activity after some time.

The colorful patterns, elegant paintings or pop-themes on the bottles leaves everyone stunned. Adding LED-lights to them makes it even more attractive and charms the rooms where they are installed.

Megha Mendon Mangaluru
Megha Mendon, a young student, utilizing discarded bottles into artwok

Talking to The Logical Indian, Megha says,” I was disheartened to see discarded bottles near a river bank and was quickly reminded of the increasing garbage dumps in the city. When I first participated in a beach cleanliness drive, I had collected a few glass bottles. I cleaned them at home and started trying to turn them into a canvas for my painting. Later, my friend, Akshay Puthran, suggested that I add lights inside to turn them into night lamps. I started decorating my home with these pieces and it appealed to me as a creative solution for reusing trash.”

Megha Mendon Mangaluru
A corner at her home where all bottles are kept

However, she says that getting recognition would not have been possible without the support of renowned artist and environmentalist, Dinesh Holla. A master of the craft, Holla applauded Megha’s efforts and marvelled at the deftness of her designs. Also, it was on his suggestion that she started organizing workshops in her locality and she was able to spread awareness about various ways in which these bottles could be reused. Recently, a workshop was conducted by her where kids as well as adults participated and all the upcycled bottles were displayed in an exhibition.

Megha Mendon Mangaluru
An open air exhibition was organized by her where the participants from her workshop hung the bottles, as seen above, swaying in air

“With the increasing waste around river bodies and landfill dumps, I feel it becomes crucial for us to think about reusing or recycling. Recently, I participated in a cleanliness drive through which I collected more than 300 glass bottles which I have kept in my studio. I have also conducted workshops in government schools to teach students about this craft. Through my workshops, I want to educate others about this cause so they could use innovative ways in reusing trash.” shares Megha with The Logical Indian

Her workshops have received an overwhelming response. The participants were amazed by seeing that how they could use discarded plastic spoons, cloths, sea-shells and convert simple bottles into decorative pieces. The designs on the bottles are pop-themed and include famous characters of our daily lives. She also wants to infuse her culture into these designs and bring back the importance local art. Megha feels that artists could play an important role in popularizing the concept of recycling and aims to do the same. She is thankful to his friend, Akshay Puthran who suggests her unique ways in which lightning could be incorporated in these bottles.

“We are receiving many bottles at our studio and we are looking forward to recycling them into beautiful décor lamps. There is a lot of trash generated in our surrounding which could be reused and it is a sustainable approach in the longer run. I feel grateful for being able to inspire others to adopt this idea. I know that starting it on a larger scale is not easy as the waste generated everyday is a lot. But, if we take small steps and just begin with our localities, then the difference would be remarkable and we would be surprised by the results.” Megha concludes.

Megha Mendon Mangaluru
Some samples of her bottle artwork which is inspired from various themes

At a time, when our cities are struggling to deal with environmental waste management, it becomes imperative for all us to rethink recycling. Megha sets an example for us to learn about tackling environmental issues with a creative approach.

Megha Mendon Mangaluru
Some of her decor lamps inspired by the local art of Mangaluru

The Logical Indian salutes the effort of Megha Mendon for spreading the message of recycling through her artwork.

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