Marvia Malik Shatters The Glass Ceiling By Becoming First Transgender Newscaster Of Pakistan


March 29th, 2018

Pakistan’s Marvia Malik created a path-breaking history as she became the first transgender newscaster of Pakistan. Her first appearance was aired on Saturday by the local channel ‘Kohinoor’ that has recruited her as the newscaster.

The news was first broken to the world by Shiraaz Hassan, a journalist in BBC who tweeted, “Pakistan’s first transgender newscaster on screen now- Marvia Malik.”  The twitter island overwhelmingly showed their elation at the news. This 21-year-old change maker from Lahore has proved what persistence can bring about in humanity. In an exclusive interview with “The Logical Indian”, Marvin opens her heart about the struggles she faced through her journey as a transgender. She talks about her career as the first transgender newscaster of the world and becoming the face of change in society.

The journey of Marvia Malik


Marvia Malik is a well educated, confident and a humble human being who started her career as the first ever transgender model who elegantly walked the ramp at the prestigious ‘Pakistan Fashion Design Council’ (PDFC). She achieved another milestone when she became the first transgender newscaster in the world to show up on a Pakistani local news channel ‘Kohinoor’.

Marvia Malik was brought up in Lahore. She recalls how she had to face discrimination all her life. While speaking to ‘The Logical Indian’, she said, “ My parents somehow sponsored my education till 10th standard but stepped back soon after. I had trained as makeup artist which is why I could work at salons and earn money for my further education. I finished intermediate and then Bachelor’s in Journalism from Punjab University. Currently, I have applied for Master’s degree in Journalism.”

In conversation with ‘The Logical Indian’, Marvia said that her struggle has been just like the struggle of any other transgender. She said, “I have struggled a lot throughout my life, and I am still struggling. My family has never supported me nor do they support now. There is no difference in my story and the story of any other ordinary transgender. My issues and problems are same as all other from the transgender community. Acceptance from the society is out of the question.

Marvia Malik on Transgender Rights

Marvia is progressive in her thoughts and believes in equality of all human beings. In conversation with ‘The Logical Indian’, Marvia raises a very simple yet pertinent question as to why transgender is called the third gender. She says,” Transgenders should not be called the third gender instead just call us ordinary human beings.” She further says, “No transgender should have to beg or become sex workers to earn bread and butter. Equal opportunities shall give them a respectable life through respectable means of earning.

She rightly says that gender should not be the parameter to identify someone. Instead, talent and skills should set a person apart, regardless of the gender identity. “Identity should be classified talent wise not gender-wise”, She said. Malik is passionate about bringing change in the society.

Malik’s optimism is admirable. She dreams of a future where transgenders are given right to contest elections, a rightful share in the property and opportunity to take up government jobs etc. She dreams of an inclusive society where there is ‘acceptance’. She believes that transgender does not need charity, all they need is equal opportunity in every field to excel.

Marvia on how she made her dreams come true

Marvia Malik, an epitome of dauntless spirit and fierce courage says that for a transgender in the present world, not to give up is the challenge. Nevertheless, she has kept her dreams alive and fuelled it with hope and persistence. “Maine apna hope Kabhi nahi khoya, apne iraado par dati rahi. Meri kamyabi ka razz hai mere positive soch.( I never lost hope, I persisted relentlessly. The secret to my success is a positive thought process).”

Marvia’s message to India and ‘The Logical Indian’

Marvia won all hearts when she said that “one day transgenders of India and Pakistan would unite and show the world how to love, Inshallah.” She also congratulated the ’The Logical Indian’ for progressively supporting transgender community and for being the change maker in the society.

The Logical Indian Take

The Logical Indian congratulates Pakistan and especially Kohinoor channel for fearlessly taking a bold reformatory step towards an inclusive future. We laud the exemplary courage of Marvia Malik for getting past all odds to achieve all that she has achieved today. Her fortitude and determination has proved to be an inspiration and a massive boost to the LGBTQ+ movement all over the world.

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