While Bystanders Were Clicking Photos, This Army Officer's Swift Action Helped Save Lives Of Two Road Accident Victims

7 Feb 2019 11:30 AM GMT
Editor : Shraddha Goled
While Bystanders Were Clicking Photos, This Army Officers Swift Action Helped Save Lives Of Two Road Accident Victims

Major Aditya Jain was on his way to fulfil an important official commitment when saw a crowd gathered on the Udhampur-Jammu highway. While Major Jain, a military helicopter pilot with the Army aviation, was getting late for the meeting, stopped by to see what actually was happening.

An accident and two critically injured individuals

Upon getting closer to the crowd, he realised that a Maruti Van had entered into an accident with a truck, and few bystanders were clicking photographs and making videos, which left him puzzled as to why they were doing this instead of helping the victims. The two individuals in the Maruti van were critically injured and were stuck in the frame of the vehicle. “I, along with some people there with all the resources available like sticks and metal bars ensured that the individuals are taken out of the vehicle and sent to the nearest hospital as soon as possible,” Major Jain told The Logical Indian.

One of the victims got his head hit and was unconscious, while the other was conscious but had received serious injuries. Looking at the gravity of the situation, Major Jain, along with the other bystanders used whatever resource, from stick to iron rod to evacuate the victims from the wreckage. Soon after they were evacuated, the individual who was unconscious was rushed to a nearby hospital in a vehicle which was passing by. “The driver was kind enough to take him to the hospital by changing his route. The second individual was taken to the hospital in my vehicle,” said Major Jain. He was also accompanied by another civilian.

One of the victims

The victims had suffered major blood loss and required immediate transfusion. As fate would have it, Major Jain’ blood group matched with that of the victim. Without thinking any further, he donated a unit of his blood. “The last time I donated blood was in September. Enough time had passed and I could donate blood again, so I decided to go ahead.”

Major Aditya Jain

The Good Samaritan law

Major Jain tells The Logical Indian that both the Police and the hospital administration were extremely courteous towards him. This important to note this because despite the Good Samaritan Law being in place, many times people hesitate to help accident victims, fearing intense interrogation. As per the Good Samaritan Law, anybody who comes ahead to assist the victim enjoys immunity from any sort of civil or criminal liability. This law bestows upon such person, certain rights, like voluntary disclosure of personal details to police/hospital, protection from unnecessary detention and repeated questioning by police, no compulsion to serve as an eye-witness in court and not being compelled to pay for admission/treatment costs at the hospital.

Interestingly, while the Army as an institution values punctuality as its topmost priority, in this case, where Major Jain reached his office, upon listening to the whole incident, he received appreciation for taking the tough call and helping the victims.

The Logical Indian Take

The Logical Indian applauds Major Aditya Jain in efficiently delivering his duty of a good citizen. This incident also serves all us as a lesson of helping others in need. As proved in this case, timely action always reverts a tragedy.

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