Bihar: No Exam Conducted For Over A Year, Future Of 4 Lakh Students Of Magadh University In Dark

Bihar: No Exam Conducted For Over A Year, Future Of 4 Lakh Students Of Magadh University In Dark

The 2016-2019 batch students of the Magadh University, Bihar are facing great trouble. After January 2018 when the batch took their first-year examination which again was delayed, no exam so far has been conducted.

Not just this, not even a single examination for the subsequent batch of 2017-2020 has been yet conducted. This delay in examination has reportedly severely affected the future of close to four lakh students.

“Playing with future of the youth”

“If things are to continue this way, we might complete our three-year course in five to six years,” says Abhishek Kumar Gupta, one of the affected students. Gupta told The Logical Indian that the 2016 batch students were to complete their graduation by July 2019 but with the present situation, this seems highly unlikely.

Magadh University is a University Grants Commission (UGC) recognised university. It is presently governed by the Bihar government. With about 44 constituent colleges, 24 post graduation departments and 85 affiliated colleges, Magadh University is the largest university in Bihar.

While the 2016 batch at least had the fortune of taking their first-year exam, albeit a few months late, the situation for the 2017 batch is worse. It is 2019 and they are yet to take their first-year exam.

A disappointed Gupta said, “I am a UPSC aspirant. I have been preparing for the exam for years now. However, I will not be able to take the UPSC exam this year, for no fault of mine. This has left me absolutely dispirited. I also suffered from extreme sadness and hopelessness because of this. I am not alone. A lot of students’ future is at stake because of the authorities apathy.”

Prolonged and persistent delay

The protest against the prolonged delay in examination started must before, however, it gained momentum after the second year examination for the 2016 batch was delayed yet again. The exam, after being delayed once to March 19, was delayed yet again, the announcement for which was made just a day before, i.e., on March 18. The students were then told that the exams will now be conducted only after the elections are over.

Gupta, along with some of his friends started the Magadh University Late Examination Andolan (MULEA) campaign. This campaign has now found support among other aggrieved students across different platforms. Students are now sending in their videos expressing the issue.

Not just this, the group of students led by Gupta has also written letters to the Bihar Governor, the Chief Minister and the state human rights commission to take appropriate action. They are yet to receive any response.

Magadh University Late Examination Andolan

Magadh University Late Examination Andolan

Magadh University Late Examination Andolan

The university authorities could not be reached for their comments.

The Logical Indian Take

The poor condition of education in Bihar is infamous for reasons more than one. About 4 lakh students being left at the mercy of the university authorities goes on to just prove that. Lakhs of students’ future seems to be in dark. The Logical Indian hopes that the authorities take quick note of the matter and provide relief to the aggrieved students.

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