JNU Students Are Being 'Forcefully Asked To Vacate Dormitories' For Accommodating SPIC MACAY Participants

In an open letter, JNU dormitory students have written about how they are being asked to vacate their rooms for accommodating SPIC MACAY participants. On the occasion of the Golden Jubilee celebration at the JNU, several SPIC MACAY artists have been invited to be a part of the event.

“We, students, have been forcefully asked to vacate our rooms at the earliest, in certain dormitories, our luggage and beddings have been thrown out. The students who have gone to their hometowns are being called, they are being asked to come back to the University in order to vacate the rooms,” states the letter.

Talking to The Logical Indian Sunny Dhiman, former NSUI Spokesperson and JNUSU presidency candidate, said, “Students have been told to leave dormitories and many of them have their JNUEE, NET/JRF exams coming up.”

The letter said that it was unfortunate that the administration did not inform representatives from the hostel and University about such an arrangement. The letter also said that the University authorities like the Vice-Chancellor, Rector, Proctor, Dean of Students, Hostel Wardens and other administration officials could have instead given their residences for 10 days to lead by example.

“This time the focus is more on visual show, a huge amount of money is being spent on the event. The JNU Student culture has never allowed such extravagant event, earlier the budget of an event in JNU would hardly cross a lakh,” says Dhiman. “They are trying to emulate the culture of engineering colleges and other private institutions,” he adds.

The letter further questions the performers whether SPIC MACAY artists are comfortable with the situation. “We ask the performers if they are comfortable performing in a university that is devoiding its students of their shelter?”

Talking to The Logical Indian Usha Ravichandran, a part of SPIC Macay organising team and convener of the event, said, “We have been working peacefully with JNU authorities for the past six months and have no intention to disturb the harmony of the institute.”

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