#IStandWithRekha; A Letter To Rajnath Singh & Maneka Gandhi

#IStandWithRekha; A Letter To Rajnath Singh & Maneka Gandhi

After we recently posted about one of the worst acid attack survivor Rekha, who has not been given the compensation guaranteed within 15 days for last 1.5 years, a lot of members from The Logical Indian community came forward to help her. But Rekha is not the only one who needs help. We need to help many like her.

The survivors are legally entitled to compensation and free preliminary medical aid from the government but the government has failed in this aspect. Neither is the compensation ever released on time nor is the due medical aid are provided.

Dear Logical Indians, we can help Rekha and more survivors like her if you agree to help. In order to become a part of this effort, please email the below to the e-mail IDs mentioned and widely Tweet/Share with #IStandWithRekha


Mail to: [email protected], [email protected]

CC: [email protected], [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected]

The Hon’ble Minister, Ministry of Home Affairs/ Women and Child Development

Subject: Timely release of compensation to acid attack survivors.

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

We are writing to you today to bring to your attention the lack of efficiency with which our system handles the release of government compensation.

According to Section 357 C, all hospitals, public or private, whether run by central government, state government, local bodies or any other entity, shall immediately provide free first-aid or medical treatment to the victims. At present, government hospitals (where treatment is free) have a higher death rate due to infections even before a patient can be taken in for surgery.

Through this letter, we are just asking you to ensure that these survivors get what is rightfully theirs and that they get it on time.

If the compensation is released on time, the survivors could get better treatment as well as trauma counselling, which is not only crucial but also vital when dealing with trauma of this magnitude. Rehabilitation of such survivors is also a very important point the government needs to look into as survivors of such crimes have to deal with their own share of social stigma.

One such case is that of Rekha from Bangalore who had the misfortune of being attacked by her own husband. This was by far one of the worst cases of acid attacks. Disfigured to the point that her own two-year-old daughter is frightened at the look of her own mother. The chairperson of the state women’s commission (Karnataka) has visited Rekha, but she is yet to get even a single rupee of help from the state government, even a year and half after the acid attack.

We request you to take strict and prompt action towards making sure that Rekha gets what is rightfully hers. We also want this to not be a one of case but make sure that this aids the implementation of the compensation scheme in the future as well.

There is no point of a scheme if people don’t benefit from it. If this issue is not handled today, it will only escalate tomorrow. We look forward to your response on this matter and hope that no other survivor will ever be in the condition that Rekha is in today.

Thanks and Regards,
-The Logical Indian

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