A Teacher Who Is Transforming A Tribal Village Into Talent Hub
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A Teacher Who Is Transforming A Tribal Village Into Talent Hub

“Nothing is impossible” said by a teacher of the tribal kids who is making everything possible for the kids of Kundarpura, a tribal village near Khajuraho in a state of Madhya Pradesh. Indrajeet Dixit, 36, a BA graduate in Geography and resident of Lalguan, is working tirelessly in the development of tribal kids where most of the residents belong to Kondar tribe are not well connected with outside world. Residents of Kundarpura are working in agricultural fields and have only government school. Here, tribal families do not give much attention to the development of their small kids. Therefore, the impact of backwardness, malnutrition, poor sanitation, and the low literacy rate is high.

The Logical Indian spoke to Mr Dixit to get to know about what is he doing over there and what inspired him to work with Kundarpura’s tribal kids. He confessed that while he was working in a private school for his financial needs, he saw the small tribal kids with a lack of hygiene, poor in sports and education. As he did not get an opportunity to explore his talent in traditional sports, folk dance & art during his school days, then engaging with tribal children in Kundarpura would be an opportunity to fulfil his desire. So It has been 5 years since he joined Kundarpura Kids Center.

Kundarpura Kids Center:

This centre is dedicated to tribal kids helping by Kabeer Foundation. They are mainly focusing on art, sports, and education of the children.

According to Mr Dixit, “The main aim behind an establishing the Kundarpura Kids centre was to explore hidden talents in tribal children, work towards eradicating malnutrition and improving the health and education of these children. Nutritious diets are provided to the children enrolled in every morning,”

Learn and Teach

When Mr Dixit was asked about activities he is conducting for the village kids, he said that with the association with Kundarpura Kids, he is learning new things while teaching tribal kids. Therefore he is able to help children in their academic, training them in traditional sports like Mallkhamba, Kabaddi, wall paintings, different cultural activities like folk dances, singing and dramas, sanitation, Yoga and they are taking kids to the historical places to let children know about Indian culture & its history.


Mallakhamba, traditionally a male-dominated sport in Madhya Pradesh, has found takers among tribal girls and boys of Kundarpura. It required a lot of mental and physical strength but small girls are taking the lead from Kundarpura village for which trainer Mr Dixit feels proud.

He worked hard setup a sports platform for the kids, so they can learn, grow and represent state and country. Mr Dixit said Mallakhamba sports setup in Kundarpura village is the third in MP and first of its kind for both girls & boys. He believes that the girls, as well as the boys from Bundelkhand, have the talent to represent the state and country at national and international sports meets, respectively.

Folk Dances and cultural events

When asked about the cultural activities, Mr Dixit disclosed that they trained kids in Bundeli folk dances like Diwari, Baredi, Badhai, Norda, Akhada (kind of local martial art) and kids seem to be very enthusiastic in performing folk dances on different platforms. His hard work did not go the vain and school kids won several awards in categories such as folk dances, dramas and singing competition on the different platform. Recently children won 2nd prize in district level festival ‘Yuva Utsav’.


Kids have shown huge interest in learning wall paintings, drawings, paper art. Under his guidance kids are not only learning but they have showcased their talent in wall painting on the mud walls of the village, school walls, and their own house walls. To provide more opportunities in arts, Indrajeet took his kids to the world heritage town Khajuraho where his children have participated in drawing competition with kids town based schools.


Mr Dixit has taken many initiatives to teach about basic hygiene among small children. Their kids are very neat and always keep their surroundings clean. This helps them to stay away from common diseases.

Fight against Malnutrition

While the government-sponsored MDM scheme is not much succeeded in providing nutritious food to the children, Mr Dixit is making sure that every child get the nutritious food in the morning which can help children to be healthy.

Visit historical places

Children in tribal areas are not connected with the modern world and historical places. So Indrajeet decided to take over enthusiastic children to freedom fighter Chandra Shekhar Azad memorial, a religious place like Orchha and world heritage site Khajuraho. “Kids were very happy by visiting these places and they feel connected with history and religion,” he said.


While dealing with kids in Kundarpura, he is facing multiple challenges. One of the major challenges is to keep a flow of the money to the kids centre. His associate Ms Gita is arranging money for different activities, morning meals. They are taking help from French tourists to arrange dress, and sports kits or sometimes they have to look for public funding.


Dr Raghav who is providing health facilities to the same tribal village posted on Facebook said “You have polished these kids and if you will leave these children in midway, then no one can help them like you. Please continue what you are doing currently.”

Advocate Birendra Tiwari, who knows him personally, said “Indrajeet Dixit’s dedication to tribal kids is a selfless act and it would inspire many.”


While most of the tribal village in India are undeveloped, tribes are fighting for basic rights and their kids are struggling to get a basic education, people like of Indrajeet Dixit is inspiring millions.

He does not speak much but his work speaks more. His association with Kundarpura Kids would be able to change a mindset of the entire generations. In dealing with education, sports, art and basic hygiene, he has set an example to other modern school and developed state in India.

The Logical Indian community applauds his selfless effort.

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