The Indigo Molester, Section 498A & The Logical Perspective!

The Indigo Molester, Section 498A & The Logical Perspective!

Recently we shared a video where a female passenger was seen rebuking an old man, a fellow passenger, for molesting her on an Indigo flight. After the video was shared, we came across a deluge of comments, all along the same line of thought- “You never know, it could be the girl’s fault.” We came across similar comments on various other social platforms and websites which shared this video.

Now, why do these comments bother us?

Are they so important to us that we need to bring them up? Yes, because our comments are nothing but reflection of how we perceive a particular issue and such viewpoint of a large section of our community members terribly concerns us. We at The Logical Indian believe it’s our moral responsibility to infuse a logical & rational way of thinking in the Indian minds.

A second video emerged to the incident after a few hours. This video has been shot when the alleged molester and the victim have de-boarded.

We see people bringing up the infamous Rohtak Sisters’ case to support their disbelief in the genuineness of the Indigo incident. When Rohtak sisters were in the limelight for the ‘brave’ fight that they put up against their offenders, we tried to bring you the other side of the story. We tried to show that #CrimeHasNoGender. But at the same time, we would want our community members to understand that such fake cases of molestation can not and should not mean that EVERY case of molestation is FRAUD.

The Logical Indian’s Exclusive Coverage on The Rohtak Sisters

We obviously can not expect a person to record a video clip during his/her molestation to capture exactly who is molesting whom? So, how do we decide the culprit? Well, we leave that to our law enforcement bodies to judge. But then, how does an individual judge who’s the one wronged?

Let’s consider the specific cases of the Rohtak sisters & this Indigo man. The boy in the Rohtak Sisters’ case could be clearly seen defending himself, trying to fight back the girls in his defence. On the other hand, in this latest Indigo video, the accused is seen covering his face out of shame and apologising for his act. The man would have gained some benefit of doubt, had he tried to defend or justify himself by explaining, say something like, “Ma’am, main luggage utaar raha tha, galti se mera haath lag gaya hoga.” (Ma’am, I was offloading my luggage. My hand might have touched you by mistake).

Any innocent person would try to explain his/her stance, if s/he is accused of something which s/he didn’t commit in the first place! But he is clearly ashamed of his act. To further clarify this, let’s just consider a simple situation from our daily lives. You’re stuck in a traffic jam and the man in the car just ahead of you, furiously comes out and yells at you, “Saley tune meri gaadi kyun thoki??” Ask yourself – how would you react if you know that it was actually your fault, and how when you know the fault wasn’t yours at all? We hope you can see the stark difference of your own reactions in the two situations.

This is exactly what we appealed earlier,when the Rohtak Sisters’ case came to our attention. Not only men, but women too should openly come out against sec 498 A or the fraud dowry & molestation cases by women against men. This will certainly have a huge impact on the masses and people will start thinking rationally, before they raise questions over a genuine molestation case.

Finally, we need to understand that we live in a society where crime happens both ways – the accused often becomes a victim and the victims often become offenders. It is very important for us to build logical perceptions so that we do not end up sparing an accused and punishing an innocent.


– The Logical Indian

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