IIT Madras Installs Device On Hostel Fans As A Measure To Prevent Suicides
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IIT Madras Installs Device On Hostel Fans As A Measure To Prevent Suicides

Following IIT Madras student Fathima Latheef’s suicide, hostel authorities are now trying to bring about some measures to prevent such incidents from occurring.

Hostel authorities have installed a ‘Fan Bush Protection Device’ on the fans in the rooms. It is a thick spring that is installed on the top of the appliance and with its help, any weight put on the fan which is more than 40 kg will result in the fan falling from the ceiling.

It is a suicide prevention device which is very similar to the ‘Anti-Suicide Fans’ that were installed in Kota to solve the same crisis.

This step was taken after the continuous protests that have been taking place on the IIT campus, with hundreds of students seeking justice for the suicide victim. Two students had gone on a hunger strike. The strike and the indefinite fast was called off after the college administration assured that two of the three demands made will be fulfilled.

The Dean of students assured that an external committee will be formed to study the issues of the students and also to set up a grievance mechanism in every department to deal with harassment.

A demand made by Fathima’s father regarding the construction of an institute level committee to look into the conduct of the faculty concerned is also being looked into.

However, the move to install such a device has not exactly been hailed by the students on the campus.

A member of ChintaBAR, an independent student body recognized by the college, told The Logical Indian, “The demands made to the authorities have been long-standing and this is what they worked on instead.”

The hostel authorities remained unavailable for a comment.

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