‘Hunger Heroes’ Are Feeding India’s Poor With Excess Food

‘Hunger Heroes’ Are Feeding India’s Poor With Excess Food

1:30 Am on a cold winter night. Everyone in the neighborhood is warm in their beds, sleeping comfortably. At that very time a few heroes are out on the roads with their storage containers, hand gloves, food quality checklists, packing food and distributing it.

We all have heard of late night food deliveries, so why are these people heroes? Well, because they are not just picking up any food, but instead are collecting excess food leftover from people like you and me, and distributing it to those who have no means or access to food. Why are they doing what they’re doing and who are these heroes?

Feeding India Hunger Heroes as they call themselves, are people like you and I who are on a mission to feed the poor of the country by channelizing only excess food. They have partnered with restaurants, caterers, corporate offices and even college hostels from where they channelize the leftover food to the nearest donation centers after performing certain quality checks to food safety.

Just like Batman for Gotham City and Superman for Metropolis, they are heroes for us because they took that initial step when no one did, selflessly. They have the courage to do what they do and solve India’s biggest problem of Hunger by changing the mindset of a country of 1.2 billion people who are mostly nonchalant about their wastage of food. Starting with a team of 5 last year, today they have grown to 1000+ hunger heroes in 20+ cities and have fed close to 3,00,000 nutritious meals to the needy, just with excess food! Their aim is to be spread to 50 cities by 2016 so they can serve as many people as possible.


“I love to see the smiling faces of the people we feed. Food is close to my heart and I love the simple way excess food can solve a problem like hunger. We feed kids, elderly, handicapped, people who cannot access food themselves ” says Soumay Sabharwal, a hunger hero.

Another hero Prakhar, quotes an incident – “I, once, went to an old man who was around 70 years of age and was sleeping near a metro station. I gave him a plate full of rice. He was so glad to see that food that he held my hand like a kid that very moment and told me that he had been looking for food since morning and was trying to sleep after finally losing hope. That was the best experience I ever had in my life”

Thanks to the Feeding India Hunger Heroes there are many in this country who have a changed mindset about food wastage and know it’s correct use. If you would like to become a Hunger Hero and work with the team at Feeding India, check out their website, join their Facebook page or mail them at – [email protected], but most of all salute them.

The Logical Indian community applauds these young heroes and pledge to save our love – Food!

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