How Important Do You Think Food Could Be?

How Important Do You Think Food Could Be?

Food connects us all. It binds us in unimaginable ways. In India, food is ingrained in our system. For generations, each festival has come to be known for its special food dishes. Be it kesar rice for holi, chana halwa puri during navratra’s, seviyan for eid or rice puttu for onam, Even our country’s festivals, states, towns and streets are famous for the food they serve. Today, food is more social than ever. Whether it’s a birthday party, office conferences, get-togethers, anniversaries or any occasion, food is always one of the main highlights. Spending time with families, going for movies, hanging out with friends, dates is incomplete without eating something. Now, the focus area for restaurants is given on making restaurants different, making new kinds of dishes, better ambience, displaying the food in fancier plates, etc.


However, there is a major gap between how all of us see food. In the same part of the world, there are also millions who know food as a means to survival. Those who do not get access to even the most basic of food easily. People still spend their entire lives struggling to ensure 3 meals a day for themselves and their families, far away from enjoying new curries tastes and trying new dishes. Some people manage to survive without proper clothing – there are thousands who don’t have warm clothes during extremely cold and foggy nights. Some people manage to survive without proper shelter – living under bridges, railway tracks, pedestrians, etc. But there is NOBODY who can survive without food – Nearly half of the Indian children under the age of 5 who die, die to hunger and malnutrition. Lack of proper food makes a pregnant woman week more likely to have a malnourished and week child. Lack of food also impacts education. Besides food is so basic and fundamental, that it affects everyone.


If we keep going this way, it would take us years and maybe generations to solve this problem which has been going on for centuries. The best chance India has, is if everyone comes together spreading awareness about it and taking action for it. If each of us advocates for it and makes changes in our own family, in our own communities, among our own friends, we can begin to see a global change. Simple things like not wasting food and donating when we have any extra is a great way to show our respect and value towards food. Let us all come out and take action. Let’s stand as one and talk about this basic problem. Join in the #BeAHungerHero movement and participate in a global movement against hunger and for social good.

What is the #BeAHungerHero global movement?
People from all countries around the world, irrespective of their age, religion, gender, caste, etc. are coming out to donate a meal wherever they are and to whoever they feel is in need. The aim of the movement is to make sure that the 10 days surrounding the World Food Day (10-20 October), no underprivileged person around us sleeps hungry. True, sometimes we can’t feed a thousand people but we can at least feed the ones around us. You can participate in the movement here. Raise your voice, take action and share your story with the world by uploading your picture with the hashtag #BeAHungerHero #ZeroHunger and motivate others to do it.
We haven’t been able to solve hunger yet. But if we contribute together, we might just!

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