Kickboxer Alleges Foulplay Against Meghalaya Kickboxing Association President Over Fund Distribution
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Kickboxer Alleges Foulplay Against Meghalaya Kickboxing Association President Over Fund Distribution

Our debates on Indian sporting culture always end up pointing out how every other sport in the country, apart from cricket, fails to earn enough traction despite a population of 1.3 billion. The argument is, of course, real, but we also cannot ignore the bitter truth — how different sporting bodies remain buoyed by corrupt practices that are deterring the future of that sport, particularly the ones that are new to us.

Kickboxing is comparatively a newer addition to the list of sports India plays. At a time when the need of the hour should be to nurture and encourage youngbloods to take up this game, 21-year-old Hame Shanaiah Suiam, a kickboxer from Meghalaya, has cried foul with some serious allegations against the Meghalaya Association of Kickboxing Organisation (MAKO) president Donny Ranee.

Suiam has alleged he has been deprived of the monetary assistance worth Rs 50,000 sanctioned by the Meghalaya government because of Ranee.

Ranee had sought a 50 percent share of the fund under Chief Minister’s Youth Development Scheme (CMYDS)-2015 that was sanctioned by the Government solely for Suiam, as he had represented India at the World Senior Kickboxing Championship held at Dublin, Ireland, from 21 to 29 November 2015.

Suiam alleged that Ranee, in a verbal deal, had asked for the share on 14 August 2016 when Suiam went to the former went to meet him personally to present a report on a sports meet.

Suiam told The Logical Indian, “The government had sanctioned Rs 50,000 and Mr Ranee told me that he will take half of the share. But I later came to know that the money entirely belonged to me. For the last one year, I am trying to get the money, but still, it has not been discharged, not a single penny.”

The Directorate of Sports and Youth Affairs had approved the sanction of funds on 27 June 2016. The Directorate had sent a work order to Ranee on 27 July 2016 to discharge the fund to Suiam. But according to Suiam, Ranee informed him that he had misplaced the work order.

Reportedly, Ranee had sought half of the money and told Suiam that no third person should know about it.

Suiam, however, shared this information with the MAKO general secretary Fourwell Khongmalai, press and information secretary Larry P. Warjiri and his friends.

Suiam told that Ranee had victimised him by writing a letter to the Sports Department mentioning that Suiam did not submit the necessary documents needed to discharge the monetary assistance, when the same was done on 18 September 2016.

Speaking to The Logical Indian, Suiam told, “I came to know that Mr Ranee has been asking money and shares from other players as well who won something”

Even today, Suiam has been running from pillar to post to get his dues cleared as he has to repay a loan. He is a final Year BSc of St. Edmund College. Unfortunately, Ranee keeps on avoiding Suiam in spite of the many phone calls and requests made to him. Suiam wrote a reminding letter to Ranee on 22 February, but with no response.

Realising the young kickboxer’s plight, the MAKO general secretary, Khongmalai, too, had written a letter to the president in November to release the sanctioned amount.

The Logical Indian spoke with Mr Larry P. Warjiri, Press and Information Secretary of Mako. He said that not only Suiam, but many others have been victim to foul play by Ranee, “ Similar issues have demoralised not only Suiam but other Kickboxers from Meghalaya. Athletes like Khrawbok Mawwein, Elbin Umbah, Vinny Warjiri have been sidelined and were discriminated not to take part in many important Events in India and International as well.” He added,” Suiam is undergoing a lot of tension. His reputation is being damaged as his name was dragged by President where he has no choice but to stand up and fight for his right and for others too now. More issues will come out now.”

Suiam had addressed the issue of the fifty-fifty share of funds to the then Director of Sports and Youth Affairs, F M Dopth.

The Directorate has so far taken cognisance of the matter and Suiam’s financial assistance has kept on hold. No action, however, has been initiated against Donny Ranee.

We thank Rikynti Marwein for originally pursuing this story and bring this to our notice. She is journalist at The Highland Post, a daily newspaper in Meghalaya. Rikynti’s astonishing investigative journalism had earlier exposed the Meghalaya Governor who was accused of molesting young women within the premises of the Governor’s house. Read the article, here

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